3 Signs Your Car Window Film Must Be Replaced


The car window film is a very important feature thatevery vehicle owner must keep an eye on. To get the most of its benefits, especially in terms of privacy, internal climate control, and UV protection, you have to keep the car tint at its best shape.

But how do you know you already need to update the car window film and replace them altogether? One thing that you need to understand is that car window films do not last forever.

You will have to replace them, with the help of expert professionals in car window tinting in Phoenix, especially when they are no longer serving their purpose well. The quality of the window film material is the primary factor that may influence its lifespan.

If you use a high-quality tint for your vehicle, you can expect it, of course, to last longer. What the car tint is made of has a lot to say on this. Generally, car window films are made of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) material.

High-end ones, however, which are intended to provide excellent UV protection may also contain metals and ceramics. They cost higher than the ordinary tints, but they perform better and definitely last longer. How you use the car tint is another factor that may affect how long it will last.

Although most films are applied inside the window, there are tints that are applied outside, which are naturally exposed to more wear and might need to be replaced quicker. Also, if you intend to use the car tint for protection against the sun and UV rays, you will have to replace it more often as its shielding ability may drop from 99% to about 70% in a span of five years.

Then, there’s the issue of how well the car tint is maintained. Proper care involves the use of the right cleaning agents on the window. Any treatment with Ammonia is inadvisable because the chemical can easily cause discoloration and bubbling.

It is easy to know when you need car tint replacement. You do not have to wait for five years on the average. You simply have to inspect the car window film and check for these three warning signs:


installing car tint film

Air bubbles may jeopardize the purpose of car tinting in providing privacy to the vehicle owner and his passengers. That’s why any sight of bubbling should easily tell you a replacement must be done immediately.

Unfortunately, air bubbles may appear not just as an effect of wear but also due to improper installation. Bubbling may also be caused by not following the time frame that the windows cannot be rolled down after the window film is installed.

Decaying Edges

When the edges start to peel, you clearly need to go for a replacement. This happens over time, after many years of sun exposure.


If accidents occur and cuts are made into the car window film, call the pros in car tinting to make a replacement. Even the smallest cuts and perforations could expand in no time, and you would not want to wait for that to happen.

There is no actual time frame for replacing the car window film. Since there are factors that may influence its quality, you simply have to check for any signs of wear to know if you already need to call for a replacement.

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