5 Smart Design Ideas for Your Meeting Room


Meetings form a crucial portion of the corporate life of many employees. Americans in corporate settings hold 11 million meetings on a daily basis. This is the reason why you should have a meeting room in your office or company building designed for all your needs.

These are five tips that can help you design the meeting room for the company you are in:

Utilise sliding doors

Sliding doors are among the best options for a meeting room. These are among the most accessible door systems out there, which also do not use too much space. These doors also have a classic look that will match your meeting room, no matter what design you are going for. By usingĀ glass cavity sliding doors, you’ll be able to make your meeting room look impressive to both regular users and guests.

Choose the right room

The choice of a room has a lot of impact on the experience you’ll have. Make sure that it’s a room with as minimal distraction as possible, but not too intimidating. After all, it’s going to be a place for brainstorming ideas that will benefit the company. It’s ideal to have your meeting room in an area which is highly accessible to everyone. Take it to the next level and consider soundproofing it as well.

Do a consultation with those who will use it

If you want your meeting room to be conducive to the needs of those who will be using it, it is important to do consultations prior to its construction. Make sure that all the users are as comfortable as possible, and ask if they have anything they must have inside the meeting room.

By conducting consultations, you will ensure that the voice of your employees and clients will be heard. This will also help increase productivity and make your employees feel that they’re part of the planning process.

Purchase versatile furniture pieces

One of the most crucial considerations, when you are trying to build a meeting room, is the layout of the furniture and equipment. It should have enough space to accommodate all these, along with the ones that will be using it. Also, make sure to provide the amenities the users will need. According to experts, it’s also going to be highly beneficial if you choose versatile furniture so that they can be used for both formal and informal settings.

Invest in great and sufficient lighting

Meeting room

While the optimal situation is to let natural light to come from the outside, it would not hurt if you put lighting devices in the meeting room. Want to provide enough lighting as long as the glare is not too bright? You might want to avoid or minimise overhead lighting. You also want the lighting to complement the colors of the wall.

To contribute to higher productivity levels at work, provide a meeting room where your employees can brainstorm effectively and decide on important things. Make everyone involved in the planning process to ensure the best results.

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