A Short List of Underrated Essentials for the Family Road Trip


Hitting the road to go on vacation with your family or relatives is surely awesome, and nothing makes it better than doing it in a large vehicle such as a ute, SUV, or trailer. Of course, as with any journey, you have to pack the necessities. As per usual, there will be shopping for and packing of food, water, and clothing for everybody. However, aside from the normal items, there are other items that you might overlook and not know you’d need. These are a few of those underrated essentials that you should take care to bring with you as well:


Communication is very important since you’ll most likely go to a place that you’re not as familiar with. Since this is the case, it would help you and your family members to know each other’s mobile numbers so that you’ll be able to come back together safe and sound when you get separated. Emergency numbers such as the police and ambulance are also vital in case something untoward happens or a situation puts you in great need. Contact numbers of towing companies and service centres that cater to your vehicle brand would also be helpful. Some ute dealerships also have repair facilities that you can access.

Emergency Items and Equipment

Speaking of emergencies, you should also try to include items such as first aid kits as well as personal tools. You should bring your automotive tools in case your vehicle runs into mishaps along the way or if there’s a need to check the parts. It also helps to watch out for weather and traffic reports since you’re on the road and might not expect a sudden turn of the skies or a packed thoroughfare. When it comes to clothes, bring several sets that are fit for the conditions that you are planning to go out in. It helps to prepare yourself for anything that’s thrown at you.


man using gps

Back in the day, people would bring along maps for directions. Nowadays, global positioning systems (GPS) are convenient ways of knowing your location and determining your destination. Bringing your GPS device along means that you’ll almost always know where you are and will avoid getting lost along the way. Since smartphones are also popular, you can also utilize apps, such as Waze or Google Maps, which also connects to your vehicle and tells you the distance from your current position to your location via voice. Make sure that you charge your devices to full before you go out and that you have a way of charging while you’re on the road.

Seeing the wider world with your family is rejuvenating. However, without the proper preparation and laying down of the necessary groundwork, you wouldn’t enjoy much of the journey. Include these items in your check-list and see how much of a difference they’ll make when it comes to your safety and peace of mind. Be thorough in preparing yourself and your family. Make your road trip a memorable one and look forward to more adventures on wheels in the future.

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