Awesome School Promotional Products to Market Your Brand


School supplies make for great promotional items to enhance your brand visibility and give it a boost. Think about the potential leverage this could give your company.

Let’s say you already have digital marketing covered. You’ve also acquired the services of a direct mail marketing company like to work on your correspondences. Having branded promotional school items will give you higher visibility across generations.

Not yet convinced? We’ve lined up a few products that you can use creatively to promote your brand.

12 Outstanding School Promotional Products to Boost Your Brand

1. Promotional Transparent Drawstring Backpack

This is one of the hottest promotional products out now. Transparent materials are a big thing now not just with drawstring backpacks but with totes and coolers, too.

2. Logo Round Eraser

Slap your company logo on one of these babies for greater visibility with both students and faculty members. These don’t wear out as easily as pencil top erasers and are a lot more fun as they come in different colors.

3. Branded Highlighter

This product will come in handy for students’ study time. They can highlight books and their notes in different fluorescent colors that will make important details pop out.

4. Personalized USB Flash Disk Bracelet

Never get caught dead again without a convenient way to store and transfer files. These flash disk bracelets that come in different colors are not only useful but stylish, too.

5. Customized Pencil Case

Pencil holder

Imagine the product and brand recall this product can give you. Every time a student opens their pencil case, the first thing that they will see is your brand name and logo.

6. Logo Hand Sanitizer Sleeve

This is a great promotional product that communicates you care about people’s health as you help them fight off bacteria and germs that cause diseases in style.

7. Promotional Organizer and Planner

Help students and professors keep track of their schedules, tests, and report deadlines with a customized organizer or planner. This is a great giveaway at the start of the school year.

8. Custom Stylus and Screen Cleaner

Most schools now make iPads available to students to help them get more out of their education. A stylus-screen cleaner combo tool can help them manage and take care of their devices a lot better.

9. Retractable Badge Holder

Help faculty and school officials maintain discipline and order in school with retractable badge holders that contain your brand name and logo.

10. Customized Notepad and Post-It Notes

Instead of the usual promotional notebook, why don’t you go for a customized notepad-Post-It set and advertise your brand in style?

11. Branded Bendable Book Lamp

Help students study well at night and get higher grades with this bendable book LED lamp. This not only helps them achieve academic excellence but it promotes reading as well.

12. Round Logo Clip

This is one of those products that goes beyond the school corridors and into the homes of each student. They can use these to clip notes together, to seal a bag of chips, or as a memo holder on their fridge.

Now, do you see that the possibilities are endless when you market your brand to schools? What are you waiting for? Start planning for the next school year and increase your brand awareness!

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