Back to the Drawing Board: Business Strategies Adjusting to the Pandemic


Before businesses start to flourish, they will exhaust all of their efforts, time, and resources to make the operations flawless and efficient. They will work on reducing costs, making upgrades, and creating strategies that allow them to work faster, smarter, and better. Once a company finds the ideal operation process, it will be able to stabilize its finances and increase its profit.

However, the world can sometimes throw a wrench into carefully-constructed plans. The COVID-19 pandemic is throwing businesses off of their strategies, forcing them to go back to the drawing board for their operations. Here are a few adjustments that companies have to make to survive in the new normal.

Remote Work Setups

The pandemic is currently forcing people to stay within proper distance from each other, even inside homes. The threat of contagion continues to become prominent as the COVID-19 cases increase by the day. Social distancing parameters and self-quarantine are essential to ensure people’s health and safety, which means that businesses have to adjust. Refusing to follow protocol to contain the virus will result in a lot of employees getting the virus, which will make the operations and reputation of the brand suffer.

Businesses are starting to adjust to remote work setups for most of their workers to adhere to the newly-minted rules. Administrative and office tasks will be making the digital transition backed up by companies that provide virtual workspace software.

Despite the trending remote work setup adjustment, there are a few operations that require the presence of employees, including construction, healthcare, and manufacturing. Companies will have to maintain a safer and healthier environment that follows the new protocols created to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Fortunately, most companies will be able to adjust to the work-from-home setups for their employees using the proven and tested technological advancements.

Digital Marketing Investment

Businesses rely a lot on marketing strategies to promote products, services, and brands. A division is targeting interaction with people, which means that mediums like billboards and events are crucial for the plans. However, businesses are aware that fewer people are walking on the streets, which means that their efforts have a lesser impact. Companies need to focus their strategies on where their audience is present. Fortunately, digital marketing managed to make its mark in the success of a business.

With more customers choosing to go on social media platforms and online websites, companies will be focusing their efforts on marketing strategies to producing content, placing ads, and taking advantage of other digital tools. The transition to digital marketing becomes more crucial during the pandemic, especially when people are staying inside their homes. The investment will become more of a necessity rather than another option. Startups can already bypass the more costly and resource-exhausting traditional mediums to take advantage of digital marketing strategies. Here are a few tactics companies can deploy:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Webinar Production
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Video Production

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Supply and Material Orders Online

Businesses will create products to attract customers and make profits. However, it will be challenging for them to start without the help of material and tool suppliers. Before a company begins operations, it will try to secure a contract with suppliers for bulk items. However, the pandemic can provide them with a difficult phase when setting up meetings and negotiating terms.

Fortunately, the suppliers are aware of the problem posed by the COVID-19 virus, forcing them to make adjustments that will benefit both the parties involved in a deal. Businesses will no longer have to do the hard work as the suppliers create logistics solutions to provide them with their needs. All a company has to do is order the necessary materials and equipment online. The process will be as easy as clicking a button.

Craft breweries are ordering Motueka hops online to help prevent any issues against social distancing. The same goes for construction, healthcare, and other industries that require supplies. If companies want to secure long-term contracts, they will have to set up meetings with the other party.

E-Commerce Improvement

The connection businesses create with suppliers will serve as a model for how they have to build the bridge with employees. Since the COVID-19 virus is still acting as a threat, retail stores must make the jump to the digital age. E-commerce is starting to become a reliable option to help businesses sell their products and services. Customers can make purchases from the comfort of their homes, which becomes a crucial necessity while the world is suffering from a pandemic. Businesses are either partnering or creating e-commerce sites to help keep the profit stabilized.

There is still hope for people to create a safe return to the world once science and medicine can find a way to get rid of the pandemic. However, businesses must start taking action amid the struggles. These changes in strategies will help prevent COVID-19 from getting in the way of operations.

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