How to Address Common Workplace Illnesses


We’re all trying to earn money in the best ways we can. That’s one of the most prominent reasons we spend most of our days and weeks in offices and workplaces. However, since a considerable percentage of our time is spent outside our homes, it’s reasonable to assume that most of the dangers that surround us are present in our jobs.

That’s why if you’re a business owner, it pays to solve these problems as soon as you can to protect your employees’ health. This will reduce the expenses you might have to pay for your employee’s recovery. Not to mention the lawsuits that might be filed against you. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you out. This article discusses the best solutions to the most common illnesses and diseases in the workplace.

Common Diseases in the Workplace

Some of your employees might be forced to take sick leave whenever they encounter problems with their health. Aside from reducing the workforce you have while they’re gone, this can also detrimentally affect your employee’s performance. That’s why you should pay attention to the following hazards in the workplace and how you can avoid them.

Back Pain

Arguably the most common illness or injury your employees might suffer from at work is back pain. You may think that it’s not that big of a deal because they’re somehow tolerable, if not manageable. However, severe cases can render a person immobile and unable to conduct even the basic tasks you put them through. Back pain is often caused by heavy-impact tasks as well as bad posture for prolonged periods. Make sure that your employees have chairs and desks that promote good ergonomics. Allowing them to take breaks once in a while and educating them about the proper posture when sitting or lifting heavy objects should also be helpful.

Mosquito-borne Diseases

Sadly, some offices or workplaces do not have proper ventilation, and they’re often prone to a poor environment that promotes the growth of insects and pests. Thus, diseases are easily spread in the workplace as insects travel from one person to another. One advantageous solution to this is to contact professional services for mosquito control and install proper ventilation systems.


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While the chances of developing asthma are 30% to 60% pre-determined by a person’s genetic disposition, it does not negate the fact that a person can still develop the disease through exposure to allergens in the workplace. What that means is that even if an employee declares in their medical report that they do not have asthma, there’s still a high possibility that they acquire it from poor conditions of the work environment. Solving this might be challenging as you would have to identify the irritants present in the workplace and minimize your employees’ exposure to them. Nonetheless, a workplace that’s free of dust and other asthma-causing elements would help prevent this.


Aside from respiratory illnesses, exposure to allergens may also cause skin rashes and irritations. These allergens are often present in cleaning products, adhesives, and other chemicals. If left unchecked, constant exposure to these leads to dermatitis. As an employer, you need to pay careful attention to the products used in your facility and determine which ones use too many harmful chemicals, and replace them with a safer alternative. Ensure that your facility also has hygiene centers where your employees can rinse off and remove the allergens that might have attached to their clothing or skin.


This next concern in the workplace is something that must be addressed immediately. It’s one of the most critical problems you need to fix if you want your employees to be productive. While we understand that stress is a necessary part of improvement, excessive exposure to highly demanding tasks may not be good for the workplace. This can lead to numerous mental health concerns like anxiety and depression.

As a business owner, you need to ensure that tasks are properly distributed to all your employees and that the challenges they face are healthy for their well-being. Encouraging them from time to time and providing them with mental health leaves is one of the best preventive measures you can utilize in your workplace to boost your employees’ performance. Ensure that your employees also have a platform to express their grievances, which will also help you develop a more organized structure for employee management.

As a business owner, you shoulder the responsibility of keeping your employees healthy and productive. Aside from providing them with incentives such as performance bonuses and paid leaves, make sure that you also develop a healthy relationship with them and organize the workplace in such a way that promotes their health and safety.

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