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Consumers have a love-hate relationship with businesses. They want brands to take on more eco-friendly initiatives while demanding quality products and services. The good news is, there are things you can do to make your new startup more environment-friendly. As long as you are willing to build a factory with a more eco-friendly outlook, you can turn your goals into a reality. It starts by considering the factors that have the most impact on the environment. But what should you consider in the first place?

Instrumentation and Control

For your factory to run smoothly, you require experienced technicians to help you design, build, and install instrumentation. But your job does not stop after finding technicians to do the installation process. It is a must that you ensure your systems are well-maintained, well-integrated, and well-calibrated.

It is a must that you verify and make sure the system is working efficiently and is compliant. For best results, invest in pre-startup testing. Calibration is required for a successful, accurate, and reliable system.

Once your instrumentation is up and running, it pays to hire the pros to do instrumentation and control maintenance services. This way, they can easily make the necessary maintenance and repairs before something goes horribly wrong. The more efficiency you get to keep your instrumentation, the less impact it will have on the environment.

Cooling Tower in Place

One problem factory owners often face is the fact that even the latest machinery and equipment can overheat. When machines overheat, it can cause engine damage, injury to your workers, fire, and even explosion. Keeping your factory at a cool temperature enables your machines to work efficiently and, in turn, reduce your factory’s environmental footprint.

Since we are talking about a large facility, you require a reliable cooling tower to cool your equipment and machinery. At the same time, you’re providing your workers with a safer and more comfortable working environment. But these are not the only perks that cooling towers can offer to your business.

When you don’t have cooling towers, you will need to find a location for your factory that is near a source of water to keep your machinery cool. Contrary to popular belief, using natural water sources such as lakes and rivers to cool your factory does more harm than good. This is since you are dumping heated water from your equipment back to the environment which can kill the water source and the wildlife living on it.

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Extreme Recycling

It can be hard to be an eco-friendly brand if you manufacture electronics for a living. But if you need a living inspiration, take a look at Dell.

The company started by reducing their packaging in 2003. This is after environmental groups complained about Dell not making any recycling efforts. But instead of turning a blind eye to the complaints made, the brand invited them over to discuss and learn how the company can improve its business processes in favor of the environment.

Now, Dell uses smart packaging to ship and sell their products. The company even made as far as recycling old computer parts in creating new products. If your factory can adopt such practices, you can help in recycling wastes and still create quality products to make revenue.

Minimalist Manufacturing and Shipping Process

IKEA is one of those businesses beloved by most if not all consumers. Their products are simple but extremely functional. They sell quality furniture and other items at an affordable rate.

Aside from these, IKEA makes sure their processes are sustainable and eco-friendly. The company only source recycled, renewable, or recyclable materials in creating products. This helps make it possible to create sustainable products consumers have come to love.

IKEA also packages its products smartly to reduce space and increase the number of products shipped at a time. Using slim-lined packaging, the company gets to reduce the carbon emissions they produce whenever they ship products to their store locations.

Led Lighting Solutions

A well-lit factory is a safer factory. Your workers get to work in peace, knowing they can clearly see what they are doing, what is happening around them, and what potential dangers can be lurking around the workplace. Keeping the factory well-lit also improves factory security, which is a big deal considering you invested in materials, tools, machinery, and equipment for your facility.

But then, lighting such a large space can be costly. You need to make sure each square space is well lit. The good news is, LED lights are a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to light up the space. Make sure you comply with the lighting standards when choosing the right lighting solution for the facility.

There are a lot of considerations to keep in mind when constructing a more eco-friendly facility. But if you are willing to do this, you can earn the trust of consumers knowing you are willing to go extra lengths to fulfill your social responsibility. You can take inspiration from brands that managed to transform their business into a sustainable one and be among those businesses who take environmental issues to heart.

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