Crime Against Businesses: Reasons Your Business is a Target

  • New businesses are vulnerable to crime, including shoplifting, employee theft, fraud, cybercrime, and violence.
  • Business owners should invest in security measures such as cameras, alarms, and locks to protect against break-ins.
  • Cybercrime risks e-commerce businesses, so they should choose the right web hosting service and invest in cybersecurity software.
  • Seasonal businesses may be more prone to crime due to a lack of security measures, so proper background checks should be done.
  • Measures such as fences, cameras with motion-activated lights, and proper lighting can help make a business less of a target.

Starting a business is no small feat. As an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your mind when you start a new business – your product, brand, and customers, which take priority. Security is, unfortunately, one thing that is not always at the forefront of your mind. However, security concerns need to be taken just as seriously as other aspects of the business. Every new business is vulnerable to crime, especially in its early stages. As a result, it is essential to be prepared and understand the potential threats of owning a business.

Crime Against Businesses in The U.S.

Crimes have been rising in the country for quite some time now. People are targeting businesses more than ever before. Many business owners are unaware of the magnitude of threats they may face when they open a new business.

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Common Crimes Against Businesses

The most common crime businesses face is shoplifting to employee theft. Unfortunately, criminals have become increasingly sophisticated in their methods, making it difficult for business owners to protect themselves against such crimes. Other types of crime affecting businesses include fraud, cybercrime, vandalism, and physical attacks.

Why Your New Business May Be a Target

There are many reasons why criminals may target your new business. Some of the most common ones include:

Lack of Security Measures

Criminals view new businesses as a more attractive target because they know new enterprises have not yet established security measures. New businesses typically have fewer cameras, fewer locks, fewer alarms, and even fewer guards. Burglars can easily smash windows and gain access to your business to steal valuable items. Ensure you install a security system, such as cameras, alarms, and locks, to help protect your business from break-ins.

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E-commerce businesses are constantly at risk of cybercrime, especially since they keep sensitive customer data on their platform. Cybercriminals love to exploit online shops and steal the personal information of customers. As a new business owner, it is essential to choose the correct web-hosting service, keep web applications up to date and invest in cybersecurity software to keep your online shop safe from hackers.

Workplace Violence

Small businesses, especially those with few employees, are often more vulnerable to workplace violence. Even the smallest argument between colleagues could end up in a violent altercation. The consequences could be severe, ranging from physical injury to damage to business reputation. As an entrepreneur, you should encourage peaceful conflict resolution and make your employees feel protected and comfortable with procedures to handle situations as soon as they arise.


Retail businesses are always more prone to theft through shoplifting, especially during Christmas and other holidays when stores get busier. Thieves know retailers will be busy with masses of people, making it easier for them to take advantage of the situation to steal items moving unnoticed. Retailers should invest in proper store layout, reduce store clutter, install security mirrors, and invest in security camera systems to help minimize theft.


Seasonal businesses that only operate during certain seasons may be less likely to invest in security measures, making them more vulnerable to crime. For example, a retail store that opens for only two months may not want to invest in a comprehensive security system. Thieves are aware of this, making seasonal businesses an easy target for them. Securing your seasonal business should start right from when the area is selected for the business to investing in security procedures such as background checks and employee training.

Making Your Business Less of a Target

Your business is your responsibility, and as an entrepreneur, it is essential to ensure you protect it from crime. Investing in the right security measures can help make your business less of a criminal target. Here are a few tips to get started:


If your office is in an exposed spot, it’s important to build a fence around it. A fence installation service can install a chain link fence around the perimeter. It can deter some criminals from gaining access to the premises, as they’ll have to go through a secure entrance.

Installing Cameras

Having cameras installed at your business can help deter crime and also help businesses identify potential criminals. Ensure you have enough cameras around the building so no area is left unmonitored. A good CCTV system can be invaluable in protecting your property from theft.

Proper Lighting

Good lighting can make all the difference in preventing criminal activity in and around your business premises. If applicable, ensure you invest in quality lighting for the business’s interior and exterior areas, including parking lots and back alleyways. Motion-activated lights are ideal for outdoor areas as they will turn on automatically when movement is detected, making it less likely for criminals to target the area.

Ensuring Your Business is Safe

Owning a business can be exciting but equally stressful, and security should always be taken seriously. As new business owners, it is essential to understand the potential threats your business may face and take steps to protect it from crime. Investing in the right security measures and educating yourself on common crimes can help make your new business less of a criminal target.

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