Elegance on a Budget: Home Decorating Ideas You Should Try


So, you finally found your dream space. After looking through a long list of house and land packages located in Melbourne West, you’ve made the choice and you’re pretty confident about it.

Sadly, you’ve spent a lot of money on purchasing your new house. If you have limited finances for decorating, don’t worry. There are plenty of ways you can pull off a high-end look on a tight budget.

Over the years, top interior designers around the world have shared a few secrets on how homeowners can make their living spaces look sophisticated without having to spend a fortune. Many simple and affordable decorating solutions are available to help you get that desired look — from some fresh coat of paint to fluffy pillows for some warmth and homey vibe.

Here are some ideas you may consider:

The Right Choice of Colours

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One of the most difficult decisions homeowners have to do concerning decorations is choosing the right paint colours. After all, every other piece of design element you add will complement your chosen paint colour. If elegance is an important factor, however, this is a decision you have to take seriously.

There are specific shades of colour that will trick the eyes in making your space look a lot more glamorous.

Your two best options are either soft, understated colours or bold and dramatic. Choose which side of the spectrum you’ll go with – one that with truly reflects your sense of style and personality. To create that expensive feeling, consider going with black for your interior doors. The idea may sound a little daring, but it’s the perfect choice if you want something elegant and cost-friendly. To make this truly work, however, make sure to put some black accessories here and there to balance the look.

Don’t Make Light of Lighting

Instead of the standard chandelier, add a certain touch of elegance to your living space by putting some designer light fixtures. For new homes, it’s common to just go with standard lighting fixtures, which means you will likely have the same system as the rest of the other template homes. The goal is to have something different for that high-end look minus the hefty price tag. Search through second-hand stores and flea markets for some vintage pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. Some may need some new painting and cleaning to look usable, but won’t cost as much as a brand new one. Put some table lamps and floor lamps for more of that sophisticated vibe.

Combining Style and Comfort with Some Pillows

Pillows have two functions. They’re not just there for some added comfort on your couch, but they can also work as effective decorative pieces. If you choose the right size of pillows, you’ll be able to enjoy that cosy, layered feeling that comes with owning this piece of best accessory. It’s best to get large, overstuffed pillows instead of those standard 12 to 18 inches. On top of that, never skimp on pillow inserts.

With these ideas, you can add elegance to your home interior without breaking the bank. Go ahead and start decorating the home you love.

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