Flavor-filled Treats for Everyone


If you are into art and food, you must also be into baking. For those who learned baking at home, most likely you have improvised dispensing nozzles for icing your creations. Making a piping bag would be easy. All you need is a square-shaped plastic bag. Pour your filling in, and then cut off a corner. Then for the nozzle itself, you can punch a hole in a plastic cap, and this is where your filling will be extruded. You can experiment with different shapes for the hole for some cool icing effects.

You can also use the piping bag to inject filling into pastries. Your mouth will just water at the thought of biting into a freshly baked eclair. For sure, you also have a favorite kind of food similar to it. Here are some other flavor-filled snacks that you can try:


Soft, chewy, and it just melts in your mouth. That is how you can describe a donut. Take it up a notch by having it filled with flavored jelly or cream, and then sprinkle a generous serving of powdered sugar. A sweet tooth favorite, this is also an ideal companion for coffee. The slight bitterness of this hot drink brings out the sweetness of the donut. Just remember to control yourself; do not eat up the whole dozen.

Sponge Cakes

Springy, airy, and moist, the sponge cake is a perfect vessel for thick flavored cream. It can hold that in place without losing its shape. As it is usually packed individually, sponge cakes are a staple of many children’s lunch boxes. They are convenient to store, ready to eat, and perfect for all ages. Just remember to bring a drink with you; they dry out your throat real quick.



Are you tired of consuming your vanilla cupcakes the usual way? And in this context, vanilla means boring. A cupcake is also one of those snacks that can be enhanced with filling, as if the icing on it is not enough. This is also a kind of food that can be enjoyed on many occasions. It can be given as a substitute for a birthday cake, making it a more personal and yet healthier option. Do you know why? Well, it is because a cupcake is way smaller than your typical birthday cake of course, so you eat less of it. You can also send a box of it as a gift, which can be made more special with different designs.

Cheese Dogs

Going the savory route this time, the cheese dog is one of the world’s best pairings, on par with favorites such as peanut butter and jam. Some are processed with cheese bits incorporated into the meat, while others are regular hot dogs injected with liquefied cheese. Both are delicious and deserve to be slid inside a fluffy bun. You can garnish it with caramelized onions or chili, and then top it off with your favorite condiment.

What these snacks represent are pleasant surprises. There is something special about food that initially would look understated, and then when you take a bite, there is a burst of flavor that saturates your taste buds. Hold on tight because there is a party happening in your mouth now.

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