The Future of Gardening: Trends in Gardening That You Need to Know


Gardening is becoming one of the favorite hobbies of many Americans. It’s a straightforward hobby but a very rewarding one. Many do gardening because it pleases them aesthetically, while others do it because they want to learn self-sustainability. Regardless of your reasons, gardening is a fun activity to do and healthy as well!

About 77% of the overall American population are gardeners, and the number is increasing. The enjoyment of growing life right outside your backyard is amazing, but the progress of starting a fantastic garden isn’t easy. As an amateur gardener, you must know of the coming trends next year to keep up with the current times. The first trend you should know of is vertical gardening.

Vertical Gardening

The idea of vertical gardening is to give more space for people who like to garden in urban areas. However, this trend is also becoming more appealing for people with a backyard because it consumes less space, giving more space for new plants to thrive both inside and outside their homes.

Vertical gardening started a couple of years ago when people in urban areas wanted to grow their own tomatoes and other produce inside their apartment complexes. It was simple enough to do since some pot plants are pretty easy to grow. Now it has become a worldwide phenomenon, with millions of gardeners following this trend. Gardening experts that the trend isn’t going away anytime soon.

We suggest that you give vertical gardening a shot next year, as more people experiment with new ways to garden.

Smart Systems

Smart systems are dominating our house life. It has become a part of everything we do, and it has increased our comfort by a considerable amount. Gone are the days when we have to stand up and turn on our air conditioner. Gone are the days when we have to monitor the temperature of every room in our household. All of these are now controlled by the smart systems installed in our homes. Smart systems have also made their way into gardening.

Gardening is a pretty demanding activity. This is why it’s considered to be an exercise. It’s pretty nice to know this fact, but in reality, doing everything in a garden, from landscaping to watering each plant, can be a hassle, especially if you’re doing it three to four times a week. Moreover, watering plants manually can lead to overwatering, which can lead to the death of your plant.

One of the solutions for this is to install smart systems in your garden. For example, installing a smart sprinkler system will surely cut down the time you have to spend in your garden. It will also ensure that you don’t overwater your plants. You can also install smart systems to monitor the health of your plants so that you know where to concentrate your efforts.

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Another growing trend in gardening addresses the recent circumstance we have in our times, and that is the pandemic.

The pandemic has technically crippled our abilities to meet friends and family members. It has also crippled our ability to buy fresh produce every day. It has forced us to resort to unhealthy food because of it. This is why many gardeners have decided to become self-sustainable and grow their own produce in their backyard, so they no longer have to expose themselves to the virus just to visit the grocery every day.

Self-sustainability is all about growing the ingredients you need for healthy dishes right outside your doorstep. Plants like tomatoes, radishes, basil, and mint are all easy to grow. So you can save yourself that trip to the grocery store by growing some produce in your backyard. Then, all you have to purchase in your next visit are proteins. So technically, you only have to go once a week, drastically decreasing your exposure to the virus.

Green Gardening

Lastly, we’ll talk about a recent trend that many gardeners have been following during the last few years: green gardening. You might be shocked that gardening itself affects the surrounding environment in a bad way. But how? You’re planting plants, and you’re growing them. Don’t your plants help fight climate change and global warming? Well, yes and no.

Sometimes the way we plant our plants and grow them has impactful consequences to the environment. For example, the plastic pots you purchase require a lot of carbon dioxide to build in manufacturing plants. In addition, some fertilizers you use release tons of nitrogen into the air, which can cause global warming.

So how can you start green gardening? You can start by reusing old plastic containers in your home as pots. You can also start composting. It’s a much more sustainable way to fertilizer, and you have access to it anytime. Green gardening is the trend of gardening in the future, and you should really join this revolution.

Gardening is a fun and rewarding activity. These trends will make it even more so interesting for you. So try these trends out when you can. We assure you. It will bring a new depth into gardening that you have never seen before.

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