Health Benefits of Hot Water Baths


The uses and health benefits of a hot water bath in known even in ancient times. A hot water bath is not only to cleanse you but also, it gives wonderful health benefits many needs. Bathing in hot or warm water is not only pleasurable, but it has significant health benefits that you should know of.

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Hot Water Bath for Better Sleep

Bathing in hot water is relaxing, and that’s not just an opinion by people, but it is a fact. Difficulty sleeping is something that scares many because a lack of sleep results in loss of focus and feeling tired the next day. With a hot water bath, you can go to bed rest assured that you’d have a good night sleep.

How is this possible? Bathing in hot water will increase the temperature of your body the cool it after soaking. Through this process, your melatonin (sleeping hormone) level will increase which promotes better sleep for you.

Hot Water Bath for Muscle Pain Relief

A hot bath is sure to loosen your muscles which help it relax. If you add Epsom salt to your bath, you can even relieve inflammation of the joints due to arthritis and other muscular conditions. Aside from relaxing the muscles, hot water bath can also improve your blood circulation.

Heart Health and Losing Weight

A regular warm bath is effective in decreasing the blood pressure as said in some researches. Having normal blood pressure can lower the risk of heart attack or stroke, and other heart conditions.

As said above, using heat in your bath can also promote proper blood circulation which the heart needs so much. Besides that, a hot bath can burn calories which help you lose weight.

Hot Water Bath for Flu and Cold

The steam of hot water bath is effective when you have a stuffed nose and cough. Stuffed nose is the result of an inflammation of the nasal passage. Inhaling the steam of the hot water bath will loosen the mucus blockage. Bathing in hot water can also improve your immune system.

Effectiveness for Skin Problems

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Not a hot water bath but a warm water bath can help remedy your skin problems. To make the bath more effective, use essential oils like olive oil, lavender oil, and coconut oil.

You can also add oatmeal as it is very effective in skin problems. The smell of the essential oils and the warmth of the water is also a remedy for stress and moodiness.

Why You Need Hot Water Baths

You need a hot water bath every now and then for various reasons. A hot water bath is effective for your mood and well-being. It’s effective for your sleeping patterns.

It’s also effective for your muscles, your heart, and even cold and flu. Try a hot water bath for 10–15 minutes and see how effective it is for you.

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