How to Attract Customers to a Bed and Breakfast


Even though there was a decline in the market for bed and breakfast in the United States over the past year, it is still an appealing option for leisure travelers. The decline can be largely attributed to the pandemic that has affected the entire tourism industry.

But with the gradual distribution of the vaccine, the market is expected to pick up. With this development, these establishments must attract customers once they open. Here are some ways a bed and breakfast can attract customers:

Invest in a Professional Website

Since everyone has gone online after the pandemic started, it’s only logical for a bed and breakfast to follow the market. These establishments should invest in a good website so potential customers can check their services and even book online.

But the website should be well-designed, user-friendly, and pleasing to the eye. Bed and breakfast owners should understand that their potential guests may be turned off and leave the website if it takes a long time to load, isn’t easy to navigate, and doesn’t have any good-looking pictures.

With this, it may require a small investment to ensure the website is appealing and functional. Bed and breakfast owners may be tempted to work on the website themselves, but outsourcing it will allow them to focus on their business. Additionally, a website also needs to be maintained and updated. And this job is suitable for someone skilled and adept in creating and maintaining websites.

Use Social Media

Once the website is up and running, the bed and breakfast should promote it. And the best way to promote businesses right is now is through social media. In 2019, 79 percent of the United States population had a social media profile.

This means social media marketing is important to give the business the visibility it needs online. The bed and breakfast should also create a page on these social media platforms, and the pages should be linked to the website. This will allow visitors to check out the website and book a stay if they like the place.

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Create Eye-Catching Images

To attract the attention of guests, the bed and breakfast should post eye-catching images. These images should be up to date and aren’t pictures taken five years ago. With this in mind, the establishment will have to spruce up the place to get good pictures.

The interior should be cleaned and repainted if necessary. Lighting up the place also makes it enticing and pleasing to the eye. The enhancement shouldn’t be limited to the interior. The establishment can hire a commercial landscaping company to enhance the front lawn of the bed and breakfast. If necessary, the owner can renovate the façade to make it look appealing as well.

Create a Blog a Newsletter

To ensure the website is updated and potential guests are informed about the upgrades in the establishment, it should create a blog section and send out newsletters to visitors. The blog should contain interesting stories and updates about the place. Aside from catching the attention of visitors, the blog also increases the website’s visibility on search engines.

On the other hand, the newsletter should contain updates and events at the bed and breakfast. But the newsletter should be sent to the people who subscribed to the website’s updates to avoid spamming potential guests. The newsletter also serves as a marketing tool for the bed and breakfast. It informs readers of discounts and promotions as well as upcoming major events in the area.

Even though the tourism and hospitality industry suffered from the pandemic, the market is expected to pick up once the vaccine has been widely distributed throughout the United States. With this, it has become essential for bed and breakfast owners to know how to attract customers and entice them to stay in their establishments.

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