How to Enhance Your Business Outdoor Space at Night


Outdoor space is a critical area in today’s business world. The way it looks is a definitive factor of who you are as a business and makes people want to get past your courtyard and explore the inside.

Most of your outdoor space’s outlook during the day depends on the weather, which is pretty much beyond your control. However, when darkness knocks, it is time to work your magic and make everything look exactly how you want it. Lighting is the magic wand, and all you need is a little knowledge of how to make it look great. Here are tips to help you groom your outdoor business space like an expert.

Understand the Functionality of Lighting

Generally, there are three major types of lighting. Here are a few things you need to understand about them.

Ambient Lighting: This type of lighting is meant to shed light on an entire space. The source has to be high enough and strategically placed, though not necessarily centered.

Task Lighting: It is meant to shed light to a specified point, say a path, a flight of stairs, or a utility area such as a hand-washing point

Accent Lighting: This type of light is more like a spotlight. It focuses light on a specific object or area, and it is meant to draw attention to the object or area.

With these three in mind, you will not find yourself doing unnecessary lighting or getting it wrong.

Go for LED Lighting

LED is the deal of the day when it comes to choosing your bulbs. Compared to incandescent and halogen bulbs, LEDs have two major advantages. They are energy-efficient, and so you don’t want to be digging deep in your pocket to settle power bills in the name of lighting up your outdoor LED bulbs could save as much as 80% against their incandescent counterparts. We don’t have to talk about halogen bulbs and their unnecessary heat emission.

Another advantage is that LED lighting lasts longer. An LED bulb can last over ten times longer than an incandescent bulb. That translates to a lot saved in technician expenses and lower random downtime in your garden. If you want to upgrade your outdoor space, you can find quality outdoor LED lighting. You can try out different LED lighting to find out the ideal fit.

led light bulbs

Make Astute Use of Shadows

The night is undoubtedly the time to work your magic. Besides using light to make things beautiful, you can get creative with casting shadows strategically and using them for aesthetic purposes. Accent lighting is the ideal tool for getting shadows to show up in the angle, shape, and direction of your choice.

Kill Glare at All Costs

You should never make anyone feel the annoyance or temporary blindness when they visit your garden or front yard. It could happen either with direct light or reflected light from too bright sources. By using direct and indirect light appropriately, you will prevent glare effectively.

Outdoor business space is as much of a marketing tool as an advert. It speaks of an untold story that people won’t only want to hear but want to feel. One crucial thing you should remember is that you should never sacrifice the essentials in your effort to raise eyebrows.


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