How to Own Your Dream House


If you’ve ever caught yourself daydreaming about how your perfect house would look like if only you could design it, or going through real estate listings for a house in the neighborhood you’ve always desired, then let’s face it, you’ve got a case of unfulfilled dream home syndrome. It strikes anyone of any age and is mostly harmless. However, if left unfulfilled, it may leave a person with strong feelings of discontent or later on life, regret. There is no known cure except going out there and making that fantasy finally come true. How to do that? Let’s see:

1. Have a perfectly set image of your dream home.

How it looks, how it smells, where exactly in the world do you want it, you must have this visual of your future home firmly embedded in your consciousness. They say that all of reality comes from an idea. For it to become concrete, it must first be abstract. Tend to this image as much as you can. Draw a picture or cut out an image that most resembles it from a magazine. Stick this picture where you can easily see it every day. This may be the first step to making it a reality.

2. Talk to experts about it.

If you already know how your dream house looks like and where it will be located, then the next logical step is to hook up with a realtor from Eagle Mountain. Talk to them as if you are already about to buy a house. Be very specific about what you want. Describe to him what you want exactly. Communication is key. Involve him in the search. Chances are, there is already something close to what you are searching for.

3. Go and see your dream house.

Once your realtor calls you up with a list of houses that may fit your parameters and specifications, it’s time to make a trip to see these homes up close. Of course, the budget may be a problem at this point but do what you can do, anyway. Sometimes, fate unfolds in the most wondrous of ways. Hitch a ride with a friend, take the bus or if it’s close, maybe a bike just to see if the house is anywhere near as the one you’ve made in your heart.

4. Learn all you can about purchasing a home.

Let’s say you and the realtor have struck gold and found the perfect home — the one that you’ve been dreaming about all your life. Okay, maybe it’s not exactly what you’ve dreamed of but it’s pretty close. Now’s the time to stick your nose in books and find out all you can about mortgages, the requirements for buying a home, the interest rate, and how many years you will need to pay off your debt. Take into account your financial situation and work out a comprehensive plan which will allow you to pay for your mortgage. Seek the help of a financial advisor or a friend if need be.

Own your dream home.

open door of a new home with house key on it

Once everything is in order, you’ve obtained a home loan and have negotiated a price for the home, there’s nothing left to do but to make the purchase. Congratulations, you’ve just turned a fantasy reality.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Sometimes making things happen does not involve any other thing except the willingness to take that first step. Oh, and never underestimate the power of visualization.

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