Marketing Trends Businesses Can Use to Increase Online Presence


Even as the vaccinations have increased throughout the country, the increasing number of people affected by the new coronavirus variant is a cause for concern. Due to this, people will likely continue buying online.

So, business owners should also continue to work on increasing their online presence so that they can connect with their market. Here are some trends that homeowners can consider when working on their marketing strategy for the coming months.

Host Live-Streaming Events

Since mass gatherings are not yet advisable despite the continued rollout of the vaccines, business owners can focus on live events. At the height of the pandemic, live-streaming events increased. These events include online workshops, live videos from celebrities, and branded live-stream videos.

Similarly, live viewings on social media also went and the use of a video-sharing app increased during the pandemic. People typically watch human-created content that they can relate to. Due to this, industry watchers expect these live events to continue in the coming months.

Business owners can host live events to promote the products and services they sell. They can even tap influencers to promote the products and services through different online platforms. Business owners can also make these live-stream events shoppable to allow viewers to purchase the products or services while watching the event.

Promote Goodwill

The Covid-19 pandemic is a public health crisis of historic proportions. It affected millions of people around the world. In the United States, thousands of businesses closed and millions caught the virus. Even as the government implemented measures to stem the spread of the diseases, companies also stepped up and did their part in helping the relief effort in the health crisis.

While some businesses profited from these actions, other businesses focused on giving aid without thinking about their bottom line. With this, people viewed these companies in a different light. By promoting goodwill, these companies increased brand awareness among the consumers.

Even as the pandemic has yet to fully end, business owners can do their part to help medical frontline workers by providing free products and services to them. For instance, car companies can offer free Honda or Toyota repair services for frontline workers as a sign of gratitude for their work.

The goodwill they promote will return to them in better brand awareness and increased online presence.

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Use Readily Available Content

Podcasts are readily available content that people can easily listen to anywhere. Studies have shown that in 2020 around 37 percent of Americans aged 12 and above listen to at least one podcast each month. The figure is higher compared to the 32 percent in 2019.

Similar to live-streamed events, industry watchers expect podcast consumption to grow in the coming months. With this, business owners can work on creating podcasts of their own. But they should make sure the content is relevant to their business so they can connect it with their products and services later on during the podcast.

Another way for business owners to connect with their customers is through newsletters. While newsletters are not as popular as podcasts, they allow the business to connect with their market and provide information about any upcoming promotions the customers may be interested in.

Leverage User-Generated Content

User-generated content is content created by a consumer or user. They typically come in the form of text, images, videos, and reviews. These days, customer experience is important since customers can easily praise or criticize a brand depending on their experience. While some people post bad reviews if they do not get what they wanted, many people provide good feedback if they liked the product of a business.

With this in mind, business owners should leverage user-generated content to promote their products and services. They can share good feedback through their social media accounts. User-generated content allows brands to connect with their market and use content that they do not normally produce. But before using the content, business owners should get the necessary permissions for the users before they use them for promotional purposes.

Focus on Inclusivity

Business owners should focus on inclusivity since studies have shown that over 40 percent of consumers shift to retailers that commit to diversity and inclusion. This means if the business focuses on only one sector of society, it may end up losing potential customers who could have helped increase its sales. Non-inclusive brands may not fare as well as inclusive brands that take into account the needs of every member of society.

Even as the market remains unpredictable following the pandemic, business owners can prepare their brands for the future by looking at trends that may affect them.

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