Five Best Practices of International Recruiters


Many countries in the world are experiencing a labor shortage. Unfortunately, two countries are experiencing the biggest brunt of it. First is the United States, with over four million unfulfilled jobs. The next is the United Kingdom, with over two million unfilled positions. This is where international recruiters come in to fill the gaps.

These international recruiters can help countries with labor shortages and more. Here are the best practices that they should follow.

Know About Immigration Policies

These countries require overseas workers, and there is no other way. Without overseas workers, these countries would suffer even more. That’s why international recruiters must learn about the immigration policies of their target countries.

The United States has a highly complex immigration system. The process is long and arduous, with many forms and documentation required, and the same can be said about the United Kingdom. International recruiters must be familiar with these policies to guide their clients through the process. You should also know more about immigration bonds.

Essentially, immigration bonds are like insurance policies. They protect the US government from any loss if the foreign national does not comply with the terms of their visa. If you want to know about this, consult online immigration bond resources. This should help you understand how these bonds work and how you can apply them in your company.

Understand The Process Of Hiring Foreign Nationals

The process of hiring foreign nationals is very different from hiring domestic workers. There are many more steps and procedures involved. International recruiters must be familiar with these steps to help their clients.

First, the employer must obtain a labor certification from the US Department of Labor. The next step is to file an I-129 petition with the US Citizenship and Immigration Services. After that, the foreign national must obtain a visa from the US Embassy or Consulate. Once they have all that, they can finally enter the United States and start working.

The process is much more straightforward in the United Kingdom. The employer only needs to apply for a Tier 2 General Visa from the UK Visas and Immigration. After that, the foreign national can enter the United Kingdom and start working.

These are just some of the steps involved in hiring foreign nationals. International recruiters must know these steps to help their clients through the process.

Social media apps ready for use

Utilizing Social Media

Most overseas applicants utilize social media for jobs, alongside billions of people worldwide. Therefore, international recruiters must be on social media if they want to succeed.

The most popular social media platform for recruiters is LinkedIn. This is where most professionals go to look for jobs. International recruiters should have a LinkedIn profile to reach out to potential candidates. They should also post job ads on LinkedIn to attract more applicants.

Other popular social media platforms for recruiters are Facebook and Twitter. These platforms can also reach out to potential candidates and post job ads.

International recruiters should also utilize online job boards. These are websites where companies post job ads for people to see. Some popular job boards are True, Monster, and CareerBuilder.

Develop a Niche

The best international recruiters are those who specialize in a particular industry or region. They know the ins and outs of that industry or region. This allows them to serve their clients better.

If you want to be a successful international recruiter, develop a niche. Choose an industry or region that you’re interested in. Then, learn as much as you can about that industry or region. That way, you can better serve your clients.

For example, the UK construction industry is in dire need of construction workers because projects won’t continue without them. By developing a niche, you can target construction workers in the UK and help them find jobs.

If you want to succeed in developing your niche, you need to network. Your company can network by attending events, conventions, and trade shows related to your niche. You can also join professional organizations related to your niche.

You can meet with potential clients and learn more about their needs by networking. This will help you better serve them.

Building A Good Reputation

Most importantly, international recruiters must build a good reputation. It will make it easier for them to find clients and attract more applicants.

To build a good reputation, international recruiters must be honest and transparent. They should also keep their promises and deliver on their expectations. Furthermore, they should always put their clients’ best interests first.

These are just some of the best practices that international recruiters should follow. If they can do all these things, they will surely be successful in their field.

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