Is Your Direct Marketing Campaign Working?


Many think that direct marketing is a promotional effort of brands and marketers that do not have a big budget. While it is true for many, it is essential to understand that businesspeople also go for this method, knowing that it is more intimate and that it allows a very targeted messaging scheme. This is why marketers use this when they have discounts and special offers to give away to their customers. While many people swear by its effectiveness, a lot of businesspeople shy away from it, thinking that gauging its success is quite tricky.

Only traditionalists will think that. With the advent of different technologies and techniques, you can integrate components into your print materials to ensure its effectiveness. And since efficiency is being talked about here, it only pays that you know the metrics that will determine the success of your campaign.

Number of calls and inquiries

The copy for your direct marketing campaign materials should include pertinent details, such as your address and telephone numbers. That way, your prospective customers will know how to reach you. When you have added a telephone number, chances are, your prospects will contact you. The number of calls you within a given period should be used as a metric. That means your message has been understood and that the readers have become interested. Some direct marketing companies in London list this as one of the critical metrics.

Number of discount claims

Direct marketing materials are usually pamphlets or brochures announcing the launch of a new product or service. If you have this campaign, your brochures or flyers can double as discount cards or coupons. Or if you want, you can attach a discount coupon to it. With this method, it will be easier for you to track the success of your campaign. When more people are claiming their discounts and are trying your product, this means that your prospective customers have understood your message and offers.

Number of website visits

website traffic graph

Knowing that everyone is in the digital age, it only makes sense to include your web address and social media pages in your calls to action. That way, your customers know where to visit you. This strategy works if you are giving away teasers in the print material and leading them to your website will allow them to know more about your products. To make this aspect more effective, you can always try other methods of having them visit your site. For one, you can use QR codes since smartphones nowadays have built-in QR code scanners.

Increase in sales

The ultimate determinant of your direct marketing campaign’s success is the increase in sales. The marketing copy and the aesthetics of the brochure have captured the attention of your customers. It can also mean that at some point, word-of-mouth marketing has inadvertently happened.

These are only some of the things to look at if you want to know if your direct marketing campaign has worked. For you to learn more about how to maximize technology, it is vital that you work with reputable suppliers, such as ad agencies, design companies, and direct marketing firms.

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