Issues that Employment Attorneys Help Settle


In the ever-growing field of employment, it is inevitable for issues to arise between employers and employees. Also, grievances between the local authorities and employers in the performance of tasks occur from time to time. Talking out these issues can settle the matters, but often, this may not always be the case.

Some disputes are too severe that they arise to become legal issues. In the event of such a scenario, it becomes paramount to get an employment attorney in areas like Denver. They can help you handle such legal employment matters. Some legal issues that these attorneys handle include:


Discrimination in the workplace based on color, religion, gender, or any other classification is illegal. Once a party feels that they are facing discrimination, they should bring forth their case to the EEOC. An investigation will be underway to determine the genuineness of the claims. The commission will make local arrangements to sort the discrimination case. Once settlement fails, then the discriminated party can file a lawsuit.


There is often a dispute as to what harassment is in the workplace. Harassment can range from indecent advances, name-calling, inappropriate touching, and physical harassment. A recent study showed that 20 percent of the working population had been victims of a type of harassment at work at one point or another. Most of these cases go unreported due to the fear that victims have at work. This fear can be of judgment or shame. Employment attorneys can assess whether a particular scenario is a case of harassment.

Wage Disputes

Any employee has a right to their wages, according to the terms in the wage contract. Wage disputes can either be the denial of wages or the breach of the wage negotiations. Both federal and state laws have stipulations on the minimum wage that employees should get. Any wage dispute should have both parties refer to the employment contract. When there is an employment contract in place, a wage dispute can be a legal issue in court.


It is unavoidable for a company to terminate employees. The termination of employees can either be due to the end of a contract period, inappropriate employee behavior, or challenging economic times. An employer can terminate a contract on the wrong grounds. In that case, any work termination against the law is enforceable. Like other cases, it will be necessary to gather sufficient evidence to prove that the dismissal is unfair.

Although employment issues in workplaces do not rise every day, these issues could escalate to become serious matters. Once an employment issue becomes a legal concern, the repercussions could be weighty. For employers, these issues could put the operations at work on hold, while for employees, employment issues could deny them the opportunity to make a living.

Employment attorneys understand employment law in Denver and usually work with their clients—both employers and employees to see the settling of employment issues. So, whenever you face an employment issue at work, contact an employment attorney for full legal representation in court.

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