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Most commercial property owners assume that professional carpet cleaning is an expensive thing. As such, they will stock what they deem the best vacuum cleaners and imagine their carpets are getting cleaned optimally. Within a few months, however, their carpet fibers which were meant to last for a few years will start to accumulate dirt, dust, and debris. This is caused by the shoes of all the people who walk in and out of their premises.

Having an expert clean your carpet for you may actually be way cheaper compared to buying your own vacuum machines and other tools you might have heard about. Moreover, the professional cleaners are equipped with know-how on which type of cleaning best works for your carpet’s fibers to guarantee they are protected even when being cleaned. There are two main kinds of carpet cleaning offered by these companies; maintenance and deep cleaning. Depending on your establishment’s foot traffic, maintenance carpet cleaning will suffice weekly, while a deep clean can be done once every 4-6 weeks. The following are a few techniques used for maintenance carpet cleaning.

Dry Powder Cleaning

In this cleaning technique, a natural and soft cleaning product is mixed with a detergent, solvent, and water. This mixture will then be sprinkled on your carpets to generate sawdust-like clumps from the absorbed and dissolved dirt. The clumps are then vacuumed leaving behind a clean carpet surface.

Host Cleaning

Here, your carpets will first be vacuumed before the application of an encapsulating agent. The encapsulation agent will be left for a few minutes to dissolve into your carpet and pick all the dirt from it. Afterward, a rotary agitation machine is used to stir up the collected dirt and vacuum it from your carpet. The cleaner can repeat this process several times if your carpets have deeply embedded dirt.

Bonnet Cleaning

This is more commonly known as dry cleaning. It closely resembles encapsulation cleaning but uses self-neutralizing detergents rather than encapsulating agents. Furthermore, bonnet cleaning will use pad-drying instead of a rotary agitation machine to remove the collected dirt from your carpets and dry it. The pad used will soak in the detergent used along with the collected dirt.


Here, a carpet shampoo will be applied to your carpets then agitated to remove the dirt in them before the carpet is vacuumed. Though effective for the maintenance cleaning of carpets that are heavily soiled, shampooing leaves behind a sticky residue in a few cases and it takes some time for your carpets to dry. As such, most companies have replaced carpet shampooing with encapsulation.

The above maintenance cleaning methods are not some you can afford to leave to anyone. If not correctly handled, the machines and compounds used for these cleaning techniques will damage your carpet’s fibers. Moreover, they will not get you clean carpets and will thus paint your commercial premises in poor light. You can rest assured that what you will spend in hiring professional commercial carpet cleaning will be worth the positive impact your establishment will have on your clients and the comfortable interiors you will create for your workers.


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