Let There Be Light: Using Lighting to Make Your Home More Beautiful


Interior design is not just about applying designs and themes to the space. Its aim is to make sure that all the elements within a given space interact with each other seamlessly. And when you have successfully executed it, that’s when the beauty happens. This means that every little thing in the room matters.

Knowing this principle, you might want to focus on your home’s lighting. You may have the best sofas and the most beautiful triptychs and art pieces. But when the lighting does not easily blend with these elements, your home looks awkward. This small details mean a lot to your home.

Thankfully, there are many ways you can use lighting to make your home much more beautiful. Your top-line ideas may include using chandeliers, but there are more elegant ways to execute this. Below are some of the things that you need to keep in mind:

Keep it hidden: use recessed lighting

The principle of minimalism may be something that you want to embrace for your home design. You may be using Scandinavian or Japanese aesthetics. The perfect lighting type for these designs should be understated but essentially bright. In this regard, you might want to use recessed lighting. Other than using it for your central ceilings, recessed lighting can be used for your corners, especially if you are lighting some design elements such as plants.

Bare them: use track lighting

You can still go for exposed lighting types, but you might want to keep it understated. It should be something that does not take away the attention from the pieces that really matter. In this case, use track lighting. This lighting type is perfect for homes that have paintings and wall designs they want to highlight; it will help them achieve that gallery look. Moreover, track lighting is flexible, as you can move or slide them depending on your purpose.

Play with the handrails

Stainless Steel balcony railing

Be creative and explore the other parts of your home that may benefit from your aesthetic lighting. If you have long handrails at home, you can use them to contain a long light, thus giving your handrails an elegant effect. There are many suppliers that offer handrail lighting effects, which suit different home designs.

Use the walls

Make your foyer and receiving area much more interesting by “washing” it—not literally, but through the use of lights. Such is a lighting type called wall washer lighting. In this mode, you are basically flooding the wall with light, revealing its texture and beauty. Just make sure to pick the right warmth and color.

You may have the prettiest home design, but everything will be futile if the lighting does not complement it. In the end, it will just look awkward. When planning your home’s new design, you should always factor in the lights—not just the type of hardware, but also their colors, intensity, and function. This should not be a problem, as interior designers can dispense some useful pieces of advice. You might also want to ask your contractor for some suggestions.

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