Six Ways to Make Flying Economy Feel Like First Class


Although flying has become more accessible before the pandemic, many people still cannot afford the luxurious seats that first-class tickets offer. The drop in the cost of an airplane ticket means airlines have to be more practical with their services and, yes, seating arrangements. Shrinking airplane seats and cramped leg rooms are all-too-common for frequent flyers since airlines try to stuff as many passengers as possible into a small space.

As the pandemic begins to ebb and travelers are more comfortable with the idea of riding airplanes, it pays to think of ways how to make those long-haul flights more pleasant and, in a way, feel like you’re in a first-class seat. Soon, planes will be full of tourists who want to see the Eiffel Tower and eager Zoomers who are on their first flight to Bali. So while still twiddling your thumbs at home right now, why don’t you make a plan on how to make your next plane ride feel like a million bucks?

Choose a Seat Wisely

Some people make the mistake of choosing a seat near the kitchen, so they’ll be the first ones the flight attendants serve when it’s mealtime. But remember that they have those rolling enclosed carts to serve food, so you are really not missing much by being away from the kitchen except if you like loud noises. If you are not lucky enough to cop those premium-economic seats beside the exit door, you can choose to sit in the row before the comfort room. The seats there have enough space behind to recline.

Pack a Small Batch of Toiletries

The dry atmosphere in the air will make your skin feel dehydrated. You will also most likely feel itchy and sticky all over because you haven’t taken a shower for more than a day. Pack a few essentials—dry shampoo, facial mist, and toothbrush—in your personal bag so you can freshen up before you land. This will be such a huge boost to your mood, especially if you’re about to line up before the immigration counter.

Bring a Light Blanket

Though some airlines provide blankets to their passengers, economy ones don’t have them. Or, if they do, you’ll be charged a fee. You can instead bring a light travel blanket with you that you can keep in your bag. Instead of wearing bulky jackets and coats that you cannot fit in your bag, a light blanket is a solution to making yourself comfortable on the plane.

That being said, you should also wear comfortable clothing. You don’t need to look sloppy and wear sweatpants. A pair of yoga pants, tank top, cashmere sweater, and ballet flats will do the trick for women.


Pack That Eye Mask

Red-eye flight or not, the eye mask will be your best friend on this trip. Darkness is important when you are trying to relax your body and sleep. It stimulates the hormone called melatonin, which can help relax your muscles as you fall into a slumber. You cannot relax well on the plane because so many things are going around you. Use the eye mask to at least avoid the light.

Buy a Travel Pillow

A travel pillow is easily the most important accessory you can take to a long-haul flight with you. Some travel pillows inflate when taken out of their bags, so you can choose that if you want. Airplane seats are not designed to support your back and neck. They are designed for practicality. Hopefully, you can get a seat that reclines well. But if you don’t, your best bet is to have a pillow you can use for your back or neck. This will give you a good night’s sleep.

Arrive at the Airport Early

Arriving at the airport 30 minutes early will give you time to settle yourself and wait for the boarding time. Often, people go to the airport when it is really time already, giving them no extra hour to get stuck in traffic or even buy a bottle of water. The sense of calm knowing that you arrived early for your flight will make all the anxiety disappear. If there’s a long line in the security, for example, you’re still good.

There’s no reason why you should suffer during a long-haul flight. There are ways to make yourself more comfortable during these flights. And even then, just the thought of arriving at your destination should bring you comfort and a sense of wonder already.

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