Make Your Patio a Comfortable Extension of Your Home


Patios are an extension of your home and provide you with an interior-exterior atmosphere in your property. People who love the outdoors but need protection from the sun and the elements build a patio as part of their home.

Some might think a patio is a simple structure, but the roof is the one which determines how comfortable your patio will be. Most property owners will not think much of insulating their patio since they assume this structure is outdoors and hence does not need it. Insulation is integral in how comfortable your patio is.

Insulated roofing systems are mainly ordinary roofing materials with some form of insulation. The kind of materials you choose for your patio cover or ceiling determines which kind of insulation is best for your patio. The following are some materials that most experts think are best for your patio.

Natural Wood

wood patio

This is a common choice for property owners who want their patio’s cover to match the exteriors of their main building. If your home is made of cedar, you can have a cedar roof for your patio too. The most common wood covers in patios have a lattice design. Wood patio covers have a high aesthetic appeal and are available in different textures, colours, and types. They, however, have demanding upkeep and are prone to rotting, peeling and warping.


This requires less maintenance and upfront costs than wood. All you might need with a vinyl patio cover is an occasional wash. Moreover, vinyl patio covers are eco-friendly and dent-free. Though it fades over time, a vinyl patio cover can last when properly installed and maintained and can be customised to match a range of landscapes.


This is the most common type of metal used for patio covers. Aluminium patio covers have minimal maintenance needs and can be modified into different colours, shapes, and sizes. Moreover, they can hold up to various harsh weather elements, are affordable and will not warp, crack or rot like other materials. But aluminium is, an excellent heat conductor, and without the best insulation, you will be very uncomfortable in your patio. There is currently a variant of aluminium which has the appearance of wood. For those who want the appearance of wooden patio covers but are not prepared for the high maintenance costs, aluminium covers could be the answer.

Synthetic Wood

This is made of acrylic and wood chips and mimics the look of an authentic wood cover. Synthetic wood is far cheaper to maintain compared to authentic wood and more affordable. Unfortunately, it is not as long-lasting as other options.

These materials are the ones that most homeowners consider for their home’s patio cover. They can support the installation of insulation materials such as fibreglass, blanket and foam insulation. It’s best to choose insulated patio covers so your patio will always provide you with the comfort you want and expect in your home. This is your only option for guaranteeing an optimal comfort for your patio.

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