Making the Most of Landscaping’s Many Benefits


Landscaping doesn’t just make a building look good. Besides making a commercial area more attractive to customers and tenants, beautiful, well-kept landscaping helps cut down on noise, cleans the air, and reduces temperature regulation costs in a commercial building.

A well-landscaped garden and grounds can create an attractive backdrop for commercial development. Tenants and visitors alike will appreciate the beauty of flowers, shrubs, and trees growing around the grounds and common areas of a commercial property, and a sufficiently attractive landscape can draw the eyes of pedestrians and motorists to the businesses as they pass by.

Commercial landscaping services can help commercial developments in Kissimmee and elsewhere reap the benefits of a well-manicured and maintained landscape.

Temperature Control

Besides looking good, gardens rich in trees and plants have a cooling effect on the building. Trees and plants help keep buildings cool in a variety of ways. First off, the act of plants respiring generates a lot of excess water vapor, which helps cool the surrounding air as it moves up and evaporates. Meanwhile, trees planted close to windows also provide shade to the building interiors while also stopping solar radiation from being absorbed by the building through its walls. A similar principle is also observed by gardens planted on the rooftops of buildings.

Overall, the presence of greenery can stop heat from being absorbed and re-radiated by hardscapes, which help mitigate the so-called urban heat island.  The amount of heat dissipated by trees and plants can help buildings lower their cooling requirements, which can translate into significant savings in power consumption.

Gardens with water features such as reflecting pools, streams, and fountains can also take advantage of evaporative cooling. The presence of water in a commercial garden not only creates an attractive focal point for customers but also provides them with a cooler, more inviting location to rest, drawing them into the building.

An Inviting Environment

Gazebo, pergola in parks and gardens

Landscaped gardens teeming with plants play a key role in reducing the amount of air pollution found in cities and can help commercial establishment meet their green initiatives. The presence of trees and plants alone can help offset the amount of air pollution produced by vehicular traffic.  Trees and plants take in carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen. This alone can create a much more hospitable environment in contrast to the rest of the city.

In addition, certain types of plants are known to draw in other atmospheric pollutants such as volatile organic compounds from the surrounding air. Gardens would not only reduce the amount of these atmospheric pollutants within the building but also work toward reducing them system in the city as a whole.

A Relaxing Respite

Gardens, especially those hidden away within the atriums of commercial centers, provide an oasis from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Both tenant employees and patrons alike will appreciate being able to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and recharge. Gardens provide a retreat from the noisy bustle of urban living by canceling out surrounding noises. The ambient sounds produced by gardens (rustling leaves, gurgling fountains, and the like) are also comparatively calming.

In addition, landscaping can provide a host of benefits for a person’s mental health. Doctors have known that landscaped gardens provide a calming, stress-relieving effect on many people and can offer people a healthy place for people to unwind.

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