Guide to Managing an Apartment Complex


Managing an apartment building is not as easy as people think. It is not just about waiting for your tenants to pay their monthly rent. There are a lot of things that the owner needs to remind their tenants and also keep the safety and maintenance of the apartment building. Landlords are required to protect their tenants from possible crimes on the premises.

However, running an apartment complex is easy if the proper rules are followed. Many owners are being fooled by their tenants because of improper procedures and mismanagement. But how are they able to get rid of the problems that may occur inside the apartment?

There are ways to remember if a landlord is to accept a renter. Simple ways that would help the owner manage the business properly. It also helps the owner to avoid problems caused by the tenants in the future. Sometimes, even tenants are the main culprit in making problems in the apartment. Before handing the keys to the tenants, here are some tips that could help the apartment owner manage the building:

Have the tenants fill out a form

This is the first way to handle tenants and to know if they could be good residents in the area. Making the tenants fill out a form would let the apartment owners take a background check. This is an easy way to know if the tenants have a job. Do they have enough income to pay the rent monthly? Do they have a good background and no criminal records? How many are they? This allows an owner to have something documented and would give the tenants an impression that they will need to pay the last month’s rent, as the owners have something to show and might affect their credit ratings.

Put everything in the contract

Clearly stating every policy in the contract not only provides a thorough explanation of the rules but to confirms that everything is signed as a form of agreement. This is to avoid future conflicts between the owner and the tenants. It is advisable to find a reliable real estate attorney to handle the details of the contract and avoid any misunderstanding in the future.

One important thing that an apartment owner should do is to come up with a contract that is more advantageous to them. It means creating a contract to protect the owners from repairs and damages from natural disasters. This includes leaks, pipeline repairs, and other things that deserve maintenance. Some tenants would get aggravated by these repairs and would not pay the rent. Worse is that they move to a different apartment and even tell their friends about their experience. A contract from a homeowners’ association would save every landlord from these circumstances.

man removing pests

Keep the building safe from pests

Everybody does not want an apartment with running mice on the floor or cockroaches invading your bed and disturbing their sleep. Tenants would think twice and eventually look for another better apartment. There is some money involved in resolving these problems, but it sure pays off if the tenants would feel that they are safe from pests and unwanted insects. It also builds up a good experience for the tenants that could make them stay and even say that their pay is worth it. It also saves the owner from the trouble of experiencing the same stress, if they are living in the same building.

Keep the building well-painted and sanitized

One piece of advice to landlords is to keep the building well-painted and clean before showing it to another renter. Though there is no legal information that requires a landlord to repaint a unit regularly, landlords would normally do it anyway to ensure that it will attract other renters interested in the apartment. Keeping the building sanitized is also a big advantage of keeping the tenants stay and even recommend the apartment to other interested friends.

Managing an apartment complex may sound like a lot of work as what has been read above. However, properly processing all required documents and keeping the complex livable will surely keep the business from running. What do owner should always do is monitor the condition of the complex and make sure that everything in the policy has adhered to.

Investing in long-lasting materials to help the complex stay strong would not only help the owner save money but also provides safety for everybody. It also ensures that the apartment building would stay intact for many years to come.

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