Minimalist Guidelines for Making the Most of Small Living Spaces


Living in a small apartment or condo unit can be daunting and claustrophobic. If you’re used to having a big, spacious home, you won’t always know how to survive with this kind of lifestyle. Admittedly, this can be a problem for fresh, young, and independent people. However, there are simple, everyday solutions that can help you cope:

Know Your Priorities

Stepping out of your family home means letting go. You can’t bring your entire wardrobe and memorabilia with you. Harsh as it is, adulthood and maturity can mean leaving certain luggage behind. Know what you need by assessing your future living and work conditions. Are you required to travel long distances regularly? Do you have enough work clothes every week? Are your books filling too much space? If this is a burden for you to deal with, consider selling them online or give them away to your closest friends.

Hone Your Storage Skills

Storage is an integral part of living. How you put away your clothes, food, and daily possessions determines the size of your home. Don’t buy large dressers or file cabinets on impulse. Measure every entryway that you have for your home, especially the innermost rooms. Just because a cabinet fits through the main entrance doesn’t mean that it can get through the bedroom door. Choose tall, slender storage space that you can install on the wall or in the corners of your condo at The Arton by Rockwell. Try going for storage that can perform two tasks at once, such as tables or beds with bookshelves underneath.

Grow Some Plants

City living can be stifling. You will encounter people, pollution, heat, and dirt as soon as you step out of your unit or apartment. You can’t avoid this when you’re outside, but you can minimize this at home. Caring for small, potted plants and succulents is a healthy way to live alone. There are options for even the most absent-minded caretaker, with cacti and bushes that only needs watering every other day. They can clean your interior’s air while keeping your home smelling fresh. If you feel confident with your plant care skills, you can also grow herbs for your home cooking or tea.

Fix Your Lighting

A bedroom with hardwood floors and bunk bed

City apartments and homes usually have simple lighting fixtures that illuminate a room. There’s nothing more to gain from them other than that. But if you want to make your home feel more inviting, you can make a huge difference with changing the way light works for you. Bright, white lights can make a room feel sterile and impersonal. Try using softer-hued lights in your sleeping area. If you don’t like sleeping in total darkness, use a table lamp or night light. This reduces electric consumption and doesn’t hurt your eyes. They come in different colors and functions, depending on your sleeping habits.

Urban living is a popular decision for young adults. However, you may have to deal with culture shock if you’re unprepared for urban life. Don’t end up feeling like you have made the wrong choice. With these tips and continuous adjustments, you can live a good and fulfilling life in the metro.

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