Mistakes Car Owners Make When Maintaining Their Vehicles


Maintaining your car is not only the best way to ensure it will run as efficiently as possible. It can also help you avoid hassles on the road, extend the life of your auto, and maintain as much of its value. This is why no matter how busy a car owner might be, car maintenance should never be taken for granted.

One thing that we cannot deny is that many car owners fail miserably when it comes to car maintenance. This leads to higher repair and maintenance costs. If you don’t want to end up paying for more than necessary, then make sure you take your auto maintenance and repair seriously. But if you think skipping car maintenance is the only mistake you can make, then think again. Here are some of the things you should avoid doing if you don’t want to end up with more frequent repairs and a heftier bill:

Choosing a so-so mechanic

Not all mechanics are the same, so why let just about anyone who calls themselves a mechanic to maintain your car? One big no-no is entrusting your vehicle with an incompetent mechanic. What you need is a certified ASE-certified mechanic to help you take care of your precious auto. Make sure only to choose a shop that specializes in first-rate services for your specific car needs. For instance, if you own a Honda car, it will be best to find a mechanic who offers Honda auto repair services.

Squeezing more miles from worn-out tires

You might be out of budget for a set of brand new tires. It won’t hurt to wait a little longer, right? But if you already bought a secondhand car and is not sure how old your tires are, then consider it a must to change tires. This is especially true since rubber can deteriorate over time. Aside from your regular tire maintenance, make sure to replace your tires as needed.

Car mechanicInvesting in the wrong fluid

You might be regularly changing your fluids, but are you sure you are using the right kind? For your car’s fluids, make sure only to use those specified in your manual. Using the wrong type can lead to poor performance and even cause damages to your engine. You don’t want to deprive your car with the wrong fuel as it can also lead to higher fuel consumption. Always rely on your manual, and trust the recommendations your automaker suggests.

Relaying on DIYs too much

There are auto repair and maintenance projects you can safely DIY. However, since your car is an investment and the wrong repair can put you and other’s life at risk, then it is best to choose your battles. If you are not sure how to do a specific repair and it involves your car’s transmission, electrics, or its suspension, then it is best to leave this with the pros. You don’t want a seemingly easy-to-fix repair to cost you hundreds of dollars in return.

You already invested money in buying your car, whether you bought it brand new or not. If you want it to last longer and work as efficiently as possible, then these are just four mistakes you do not wish to commit. By taking good care of your auto, you can make the most of your investment.

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