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Choosing a new house to move in is exciting. Searching through listings online and looking at the pictures of what could possibly be your new home is both fun and exciting. However, what is more, exciting is actually being able to see it personally. Open houses are always something to look forward to.

But, before you get tempted to imagine the kind of life that you will get to have in the new home in Riverton, Utah, with your family, there are some important points worth looking into.

The neighborhood (and neighbors)

You will be buying a property, but keep in mind that you will also be “buying” at least four houses along with your own. Moving into your new home also means moving in with your neighbors, in front, on both sides, and even the one at the back. Therefore it pays to be observant for things like unkempt lawns, big pets, as well as unruly kids.

Home layout

The home layout will be relative to your family’s needs as well as your lifestyle. Thus, it pays to know exactly what you need in a home before going for open house visits. That way, it would be easier for you to scout listings that you would likely buy.

Damages and neglect

Person pointing at the moldDo not be fooled by new paints, lighting, and even furniture. Instead, go for the little details. Signs of leaks, drafts, molds and mildews, as well as other damages caused by pest infestation or neglect, are some things you should be observant about.

Air and light flow

Doors and windows will be your best friend during the summers and can help reduce your energy consumption, which in turn can help cut your bills. Lots of homeowners overlook the importance of having proper air and light flow in the homes they move in to. Avoid this mistake by checking if doors and windows are strategically placed and opening them for actual experience.


Look outside. Do you see what your neighbor is watching on TV or knows what they have for dinner? If yes, there is a huge chance that they can see what you are doing inside your own home too.

This will put your privacy at risk. Being surrounded with fences or even trees, and having a strategically private location is something a lot of homeowners appreciate.

Storage space

Do not fall into the trap of living in a house that has seemingly a lot of space but does not have any storage space. The next thing you know, your new house will be filled with all sorts of clutter and boxes just because you do not know where to put extra stuff. Make sure there is ample storage space in the kitchens, toilets, and in the bedroom for you as well as your family’s needs.

Knowing what you and your family need for your new home is important in every open house visit. That, along with these tips, can help you have a productive and enjoyable visit.

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