Practical Ways to Earn from Your Idle Land Without Developing it


When you are dealing with a small piece of land or one that is oddly shaped, it is common to wonder what good could come out of it. In other scenarios, you may only have funding to acquire a prime piece of the available land for sale in Donnybrook, Victoria. Once you buy it, getting cash to develop it is not easy and may take time. Whichever dilemma you are in regarding your piece of land, there are many ways to make money with it without extensive financial investment. Try the following means of earning from it as you prepare to develop it:

Pet Sitting

This is a popular service among pet owners. When you have space, offering pet walking or sitting services is easy. Buy canine enrichment toys to contain and keep them fit, too. If you can provide a suitable environment that incorporates play for the time that the pets are away from their usual habitat, you will attract clients. This is the right business for you if you love pets and don’t mind watching over them.

Outdoor Fitness Centre

People are into wellness and fitness, and providing related services will open up your property for business. You can offer yoga or Zumba sessions, team building, or focus group activities. Equip it with everything that someone looking for a little fun while keeping fit would want. Have some climbing walls, a shooting range, barriers, and high ropes, too. If you are not knowledgeable in the line you would want to focus on, hire an instructor.


More often than not, people have items they would like to stow away and only bring them out when needed. At the least, you can offer outdoor space for people to keep their equipment. However, this is likely to be limited. During the wet seasons, owners would have to look for an alternative. If you can, build stores for use throughout the year. The latter will offer a more lucrative business.

Goats to Be Rent Out

Herd of goats and flock of sheep i na field

These days, companies and homes are looking forward to reducing carbon footprints, which has resulted in the demand for eco-friendly solutions to their problems. Mowers contribute a great deal to air pollution and require time and physical effort to push around. If you live in an area where keeping goats is permitted, you can tap into the market of people looking for sustainable yard maintenance. Rear goats and rent them out to earn and contribute to environmental conservation.

Partner with Tiny Home Providers

Tiny homes take little space. A quick way to make money is by partnering with tiny home companies. They can rent your space and put up houses on your land. Come to terms with them and agree on your role in the agreement and leave the rest to them. In most cases, they will require no maintenance from your end, and yours will only be to offer land.

The different options available are subject to regulations. Find out what you can do without getting into problems with the law. Also, consider what you love doing and turn it into a business using the available space resources.

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