6 Ways to Prevent Burglary at Your Home Based Business


No one wants their business to be the next victim of a burglary. Unfortunately, many business owners don’t take the necessary precautions to protect their property. Home based-businesses are more susceptible to burglary than commercial businesses for various reasons. Often, home-based businesses are located in residential areas, which tend to have less police presence. Furthermore, home-based businesses are often left unoccupied for long periods, making them easy targets for burglars.

Here are six ways you can prevent burglary at your home-based business:

Invest in a Security System

A security system is one of the best ways to deter burglars. If you have a visible security system, potential burglars will be less likely to target your business. Be sure to place signs around your property that warn potential intruders that a security system protects your business.

You can also install security cameras to further deter burglars. Many home-based businesses are broken into during the day while the owners are away. Security cameras will allow you to monitor your property even when you’re not there.

Other options, such as window and door alarms, are available if you can’t afford an entire security system. These alarms will make a loud noise if someone tries to enter your business.

Invest in Motion-Activated Lighting

Burglars often target businesses that are dark and hidden. By investing in motion-activated lighting, you can make your business less attractive to burglars. These lights will turn on automatically when someone approaches your property, making it more difficult for a burglar to break in without being detected. Here are some other benefits of motion-activated lighting:

  • They can deter burglars
  • They can help you find your way around your business at night
  • They can help you save on your energy bill

Make Valuables Less Visible

You should also take steps to make sure your valuables are less visible to potential burglars. If a burglar can see that you have valuable items inside your business, they will be more likely to target your business. For example, residential fence installation can help keep burglars out of your yard and away from your windows.

You can also install window film to make it more difficult for burglars to see inside your business. This film makes it appear as if the windows are frosted over, making it more difficult for burglars to see what’s inside. Not only will this deter burglars, but it will also help keep your business cool in the summer.

A man locking the home door with keys

Keep Your Business Locked

It may seem like a no-brainer, but keeping your business locked is one of the best ways to prevent burglary. Many home-based businesses are broken into because they were left unlocked. You should lock all doors and windows when you leave your business, even if you’ll only be gone for a few minutes.

Invest in smart locks to make it even more difficult for burglars to break into your business. Smart locks allow you to lock and unlock your doors from your phone, making it more convenient to keep your business secure. Not only that, but many smart locks come with features such as built-in alarms and automatic locking.

Consider Hiring a Security Guard

If you have a high-value business, you may want to consider hiring a security guard. A security guard can deter burglars and provide an extra level of security for your business. If you decide to hire a security guard, be sure to conduct a thorough background check to ensure they are qualified for the job. Here are some other things to consider when hiring a security guard:

  • The amount of time they will be on duty
  • Their training and qualifications
  • Their ability to communicate with you and your employees

Keep Your Property Well-Maintained

Burglars are less likely to target a business that is well-maintained. By keeping your property clean and tidy, you can make it less attractive to burglars. You should also trim bushes and trees around your property so that potential burglars have fewer places to hide.

In addition, you should keep an eye out for any signs of damage to your property. If a burglar sees that your business is in disrepair, they may think it will be easier to break into.

You can protect your home-based business from burglary by taking the necessary precautions. By making your business less attractive to burglars, you can deter them from breaking in. And if you do become the victim of a burglary, taking the necessary steps to secure your business can help minimize the damage. So take the time to secure your home-based business today. It could save you a lot of money and headaches in the future.

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