What to Do When Purchasing Commercial Real Estate

  • Assess potential investments and evaluate multiple property and market aspects to ensure they meet requirements.
  • Consider location, legal considerations, financial analysis, and current market trends when purchasing.
  • Property inspection is essential – assess physical condition, structural integrity, mechanical systems, electrical wiring, etc.
  • Attract tenants by creating a positive experience with attractive design, modern amenities, and flexible leasing options.
  • Invest in technology for easy access and communication between tenants & management personnel.

Commercial real estate can be a profitable investment for any investor, as it has the potential to generate a steady income stream through rental payments and appreciation of the asset over time. Additionally, commercial real estate offers tax advantages, diversification benefits, and long-term asset appreciation that other investments may not provide.

In the UK, commercial real estate can be purchased in various ways. Firstly, buying from an existing owner through private negotiation or auction is possible. Alternatively, the property may be purchased from a developer who has built the asset for sale.

Enjoying the benefits of commercial real estate requires careful due diligence to ensure that the asset is suitable for the investor’s requirements. Here are a few steps to consider before you purchase commercial real estate:

Assess Your Options

Assessing commercial investment

Assessing your commercial real estate options is paramount to making a wise investment decision. When purchasing commercial real estate, buyers must thoroughly investigate multiple aspects of the property and market to ensure that the asset suits their needs and generates the desired returns. Here are four critical areas to consider when assessing commercial real estate:


Location is one of the critical factors when purchasing commercial real estate. Buyers should evaluate how accessible the site is to customers or clients and its proximity to amenities and public transportation. They should also consider potential risks from nearby sources, such as environmental hazards or economic downturns.

Legal Considerations

Buyers must also be aware of any legal considerations regarding the purchase, such as zoning regulations or land-use restrictions. They should review titles and documents related to the property to identify any risks associated with ownership and potential liabilities.

Financial Analysis

A financial analysis should be conducted on potential investments to determine if they meet essential investment criteria and can offer sufficient returns over time. This includes evaluating cash flows, expected yields, the total return on investment (ROI), capitalization rates, and other metrics for assessing a property’s financial performance.

Market Trends

Finally, buyers must consider current market trends when evaluating a potential purchase. This includes assessing local rental markets, vacancy rates, development trends, population growth projections, or any changes in demand for certain types of properties in the area. Buyers can make more informed investment decisions and avoid costly mistakes by staying up-to-date on these trends and issues.

Inspect the Property

Inspecting the commercial property

Property inspection is an essential part of the commercial real estate purchase process. Buyers should thoroughly inspect the property to identify any potential issues or risks associated with ownership. This includes assessing the physical condition of the building and its structural integrity, checking for signs of past pest infestations or water damage, and inspecting all mechanical systems such as HVAC and plumbing. Buyers should also verify that all electrical wiring and cables meet safety standards and ensure the roof is in good condition without significant leakage issues.

Additionally, buyers should obtain professional advice from qualified inspectors to help them assess potential liabilities associated with the property. This includes obtaining a Domestic EPC test to determine how energy efficient the building is and receiving surveys of land boundaries to identify any conflicts with neighboring properties. Finally, buyers should have a full appraisal of the property to accurately assess its market value and determine if it is worth the investment.

Property inspection is essential in purchasing commercial real estate that can help investors avoid costly mistakes or unexpected liabilities. Buyers can better ensure that their investments are sound and offer desired returns over time by thoroughly reviewing all property components before purchase.

Attract Tenants

Commercial real estate owners must proactively attract tenants to their properties to maximize returns. As competition for tenants can be fierce, owners must differentiate their property and stand out. Creating a positive tenant experience is one fundamental way to attract quality tenants who will likely stay long.

To make the property appealing, owners should ensure the building has an attractive design and modern amenities. This includes providing ample lighting, creating an inviting lobby area, offering on-site parking, installing energy-efficient appliances and systems, or other draws such as outdoor terraces or recreational spaces. Additionally, offering flexible leasing options can help bring in more tenants by giving them some control over their contractual obligations.

For commercial properties with multiple units or offices, owners should consider investing in technology that allows easy access and communication between tenants and management personnel. For example, having a secure online portal where documents can be exchanged quickly and easily helps create a convenient tenant experience while reducing paperwork processing times. Property owners can also benefit from using automated rental payments and other features, such as automatic rent reminders or maintenance requests to reduce manual effort and increase convenience for both parties.

Final Thoughts

Purchasing commercial real estate can be an excellent investment for any investor looking to diversify their portfolio. However, buyers must thoroughly evaluate potential investments before proceeding and perform due diligence to ensure they are making sound decisions. With careful planning and consideration, commercial real estate can be profitable for any investor.

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