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Truth be told, there’s more about design than meets the eye. Take, for instance, Apple. It’s no secret Steve Jobs was a design genius. Pundits point out that his love for simplicity fueled what many would call a design revolution. But if we’re to trace Mr. Jobs’ interest in design, it can be traced back to his love for the house where he grew up, his childhood home. It was a simple yet modern home inspired by another legend, Architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

What is apparent is Steve saw how customer delight plays a huge factor in marketing his products. He anticipated the needs of his customer and turned his solution into one enviable design. Today, Apple is the biggest global brand in America. If there was a product that made people ‘run to get it’, Steve Jobs’ iPhone is it. People didn’t mind waiting in long lines just to have the latest iteration of the product.

Indeed, branding is all about the customer experience. That’s exactly making sure your front office handles your visitor right is the order of the day. It can be a glorious opportunity to make or break your brand.

Fortunately for you, you need not bend over backward just to get your front office setting right. Taking a page from Steve Jobs and his love for design should be timely in this regard. Here are 5 reception area ideas that should catapult your brand to greater heights.

Greenery Is Lit

Plants not only add aesthetics to your front office but also they’re a unique source of oxygen. That’s a lethal combination too hard to resist. Plus, that act alone spreads the good vibes for everyone in that space, your office guests including.

Bringing those greens from the outdoors indoors brings about positive mental energy. So, those plants brighten the color of your office while elevating the mood. Don’t just put any plant in that space. Consult your interior designer if you have to. But here’s a list of choice plants to consider for amazing positive energy.

Of course, with that in mind, you should also ensure your front lawn is taking care of. An unkempt grass speaks volumes about how much your care for your brand.

Also, if you have to fence your front lawn, make sure you don’t just use chain link fencing. For best results, a good fence to try is a vinyl fence. The sturdy material will give you stunning aesthetics and ample security to keep stray animals out. Best of all, vinyl can last a lifetime as it’s weather-resistant.

Use Apt Lighting

With lighting, the devil is in the details. To give a good first impression, nix the traditional white lights along with strip lighting. Bulbs and sidelights can also be too cozy.

A good option for you here is an LED spotlight setup. Specifically, LED discs should be best for you. If you want to widen your option, do some due diligence and research on possible alternative setups such as LED panels. LED will cost you less in the long run. Plus, they’re less harmful to the eyes.

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Play Soft Music at Low Volumes

Unless you’re a music studio, playing rock songs in your reception area may not cut it. Loud music is a no-no. So don’t tune in to your fave radio station or TV program. Instead, have some class and choose tunes to reflect your brand. Soft jazz can be a welcome choice. You can easily pick ones you can control via the Spotify app. What’s more, it will just take a tap on your smartphone to get the right music going.

Road Test the Furniture

A key welcome you can’t forget is the softness of the sofa. Get the right fit in this regard. Think of the function as Steve Jobs would. Your guests won’t be staying long (unless they’re job applicants). They’re there for a few minutes. That means you would not want them sinking in too deep into the sofa as if watching the latest trending flick on Netflix.

You just need them to relax for a bit. So put out a harder piece of sofa that allows them to quickly get to their feet once they’re due. So don’t overdo it. The furniture should be a thing of comfort but not too squishy.

As for reading material, be ready with books instead of magazines. Coffee table books could be a most opportune time to feature your brand. Choose ones that put your expertise on display. If you’re a digital marketing outfit, books by the most in-demand internet gurus could put your guest on a spell.

Less is More

Last but not least, keep things minimal. Don’t overdo things. All your guests need is a place to settle for some time. So the place should not be overstuffed. That can reflect negatively on your brand.

Steve Jobs wanted only to keep that which serves a purpose on his iPhones. So he ditched the traditional keyboard and put it on the screen. In the process, he had stunning results. By the same token, such minimalist thinking should also push your brand up to greater heights.

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