Responsible Parenting: Are You Ready to Have Kids?


The desire to be a parent doesn’t always come naturally for everyone. Others already know it’s what they want. Some have it much later in life, while others don’t feel the need altogether. Whichever choice an individual or couple has, one thing remains true — when it comes to starting a family, there is no one-size-fits-all to do it. The journey is unique to each individual.

To better understand the situation and help you arrive at better decisions, you must first forgo the fantasy and sugar-coated promises of parenthood and face reality as it is. The truth is that the process of having a child can be complex, fraught with conflicting feelings. And everyone will have to deal with it eventually, especially if it’s been a part of your long-term goals. Therefore, knowing the signs that you are ready to start your own family is crucial.

You are capable of caring for a life.

Although there are no stone-carved laws required before having a baby, it pays to make sure you can take care of a human being before diving into it. This benefits you and helps in providing a happy and secure life for your future children.

For one, having kids comes with several responsibilities and financial obligations. According to reports, the annual cost of raising a child for a middle-income household is $12,980. That’s a total of $233,610 per child on food, education (excluding the college tuition), health, shelter, and other needs until they reach legal age.

Furthermore, becoming a parent requires you to manage your time better as it needs your full attention, care, and commitment. Therefore, you must be emotionally contented and financially prepared. Consequently, it pays to invest in a place that provides a healthy, happy, and safe environment for your children. Thus, consider going over communities, neighborhoods, and sites such as to maximize your options.

Look for ones with excellent facilities, child-friendly parks, nearby hospitals, security, and good education. Moreover, make sure it is somewhere that can benefit your career. For example, it could be near your place of employment, one that allows you to do remote work, or somewhere you can start anew.

There is a mutual understanding between you and your partner.

Raising a family isn’t something most couples do on the spur of the moment. Instead, the decision often entails a lengthy and healthy discussion before arriving at a mutual conclusion. It’s a considerable undertaking, and both sides must agree for it to work.

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Furthermore, it’s important to remember that having children will not resolve any relationship issues. So don’t fall into the trap of having a kid because you believe it would strengthen your relationship. No child should be born with the burden to fix a broken relationship far from getting healed in the first place.

Doing so will only drag you to a downward spiral and put the child in an embroiled situation, eventually affecting their mental health later. Instead, couples should be content with one another and confident in their relationship before having children.

You aren’t doing it for peer pressure.

Although there are multiple reasons to get pregnant, make sure that yours matches your values and beliefs. It is essential to understand why you desire to have children. Remember that it is your body and life; therefore, you should get pregnant when you’re ready.

Avoid getting pressured by society or your friends and family. Instead, go at your own pace and take your time. Consult with your doctors to make sure you are healthy and that your body is ready. Remember, becoming a parent is not a race you must win.

You’re mentally ready.

Having a child transforms your life. While it may offer you happiness and fulfillment, it also presents an entirely new degree of exhaustion. It is a lifetime role, and there is no escaping it. Thus, you must be mentally ready to face different issues your children will meet for each phase. All while managing your life and keeping the family together. You must stand up for them and remain steadfast when the going gets rough.

Parenthood is a continuous learning process. So while it is necessary to educate yourself for the know-hows, you must also prepare yourself for the unknown. Life can be unpredictable, so you must be able to manage any changes that may happen at any time. Moreover, don’t hesitate to ask for help. We can learn things by the book, but there those that experience itself will teach us. And that is what makes parenthood terrifying and incredibly rewarding.

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