Riding Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riders


Riding a motorcycle is a more convenient and quicker way to maneuver and commute around a busy road. Rules apply to all drivers. The differences in driving skills applied and driving situations require the motorcycle rider to take extra precautions when driving. Most road accidents involve motorcycle riders, so drivers need to pay closer attention to traffic laws, be consistently educated, and apply common sense to stay safe through the ride.

The same rules will apply after you buy a farm quad. Take note of the following riding safety precautions:

Wear a helmet

Helmets are the most basic protective gear to keep motorcycle and ATV riders safe. Wearing a helmet is the best precaution a rider can do to prevent fatal head injuries in case of an accident. Riders without a helmet are five times more at risk of sustaining critical head injuries. Not to mention you will face very stiff fines if caught driving without one on the road.

Wear protective gear

When riding long distances in motorcycles, riders are advised to wear protective gear and appropriate clothing that will minimize injuries in case of a skid or accident. You should wear boots with non-skid soles, leather clothing, and gloves. Attach reflective tape to clothing to make yourself visible to other motorists and drivers, especially when driving at night.

Obey traffic rules

Always obey speed limits and be aware of local traffic regulations. If there is a designated lane for motorcycles, stay on that lane. Avoid overtaking other vehicles.

Ride defensively

Never assume that all drivers can see you. A large percentage of motorcycle accidents are due to a driver’s violation of another rider’s right of way. Ride with headlights on and stay away from the driver’s blind spots. Signal in advance when changing directions, and watch out for turning motorists.

Update your skills and education

A driver’s license is required to use the roads. Still, it should also be upon the discretion of the rider to complete formal riding education and take courses to develop techniques and street-riding strategies.

Ride sober, and put your phone away

Man riding a motorcycle

If you drink, never drive. Riding when intoxicated can cause harm to self and others. Additionally, fatigue, sleepiness, and drowsiness can impair one’s ability to react appropriately. Make sure that you are well-conditioned when riding out. Also, keep your mobile phone tucked safely. The fewer distractions there are while driving, the better.

Prepare when riding out

Just like what car owners do before driving, motorcycle riders should also check if it is safe to take on the road. If there is something wrong with the motorcycle, make sure to have it checked and repaired before using it. Consistently check the tires for bulges, cracks, or signs of wear and tear. Check for signs of oil or gas leak. Check the level of the coolant and hydraulic fluids. Make sure that the lights are all functioning.

Before riding out, complete the check on the clutch and throttle to ensure that they are working smoothly. Make sure that the mirrors are clean, and adjust them to suit your view. Test both breaks to ensure that they are firm to hold. Lastly, test the horn to see if it is working.

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