Selling a Property? Here Is How to Do Pest Inspection Correctly


When you were buying your house, you probably did ask for a pest inspection report from the previous owner. Similarly, anyone buying from you may demand pest inspection as part of the home inspection.

A home pest inspection is essential as it identifies the presence or absence of structural damage because of the infestation of ants and termites. It also identifies the risk factor or infestation of cockroaches, mice, bedbugs and such pests.

For many buyers, this report is the deal breaker, meaning that you have to be careful what gets into it. Selling a property can be distressing, especially if the risk of surprises is high.

While it might be true that some inspection companies are questionable, having a little understanding of the process can save you from lost business.

Hire a licensed company

Often, real estate agents have preferred pest inspection companies, but that does not stop you from recommending one. The National Pest Management Association is an ideal stop for anyone looking for credible information regarding the best pest inspectors in the country.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency directs that for any firm to undertake insect control in Salt Lake City or anywhere else in the country, they must be licensed. Other ways of measuring reputation include referrals, environmentally friendly solutions, and liability insurance.

Get involved

Man removing wood damaged by termitesInspection can be dirty work, and the feeling of staying off is understandable. However, there is a reason you need to get into work.

How else will you know whether what is indicated in the report is true? For instance, when the inspector pokes the wood and it gives in, does it mean that dry wood termites are present?

Sometimes, the issue with walls comes from water damage because of a leaking roof. If there are any repairs to be done, hire a professional, but remember to take part to make sure everything is done correctly.

Allow for complete access

It is important for the inspectors to be able to access every corner of the house. A complete search of the house is necessary, considering that termites and other pests can be anywhere — crawlspaces, rafters, basements, and so on. Pests will rarely stay in an easy-to-reach area, so be ready to allow access to all those dark corners.

Be prepared to repair and exterminate

Pest infestation can bring untold damage to a home, but you can take control of the situation before the buyer arrives. An own pest inspection will reveal the extent of the damage and take care of those bad surprises.

In essence, it gives you an edge in the negotiation process. If the buyer’s inspector is the first to unearth a problem, the buyer could ask for a price slash. If you identify flaws early enough, you can arrange for repairs on your terms.

This inspection will also offer the perfect opportunity to identify the pests and exterminate them. The aim is to get the best out of the deal by offering the buyer value for money.

A pest inspection process is one of the most important steps to take when selling a property. There are several other consultations to make before you can offer the property, including with a reputable real estate company.

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