Selling Your Home Soon? Schedule These Crucial Repairs First


Rushing to sell a home without considering a few crucial repairs can have disastrous results.

At the least, potential buyers can negotiate their way to a significantly lower price — one that you may not necessarily prefer. At worst, they could just walk away and find a better house.

You can avoid these undesirable outcomes by taking note of these critical repairs.

1. Fix recurring plumbing problems

A plumbing or drainage problem is one of the most frustrating issues to experience. It’s never a good idea to pass this on to a potential buyer.

Leaky piping, poor drainage, and visible water stains can discourage people from seriously considering your home. Hiding these problems won’t do any good too. An experienced buyer and agent can sniff them out easily.

The best approach is to hire the services of a plumber who can put these drainage issues to rest. Whether it’s thorough drain cleaning, pipe jetting, or sewer line work, these professionals make can make the right recommendation.

Consider these as additional last-minute investments that can significantly back up your asking price.

2. Revamp or repair unsightly floors

Flooring is one of those things that can easily make a quick first impression on buyers. And why not? It’s a big portion of the home that just sits there for everyone to see.

So when a potential buyer sees floor scratches and carpeting from a bygone era, don’t be surprised if they become less interested in making the purchase.

Check your floors if there are any damaged or worn out areas that need be remedied. You don’t need to spend extravagantly on these repairs. Go with affordable neutral flooring. At the very least, this can help you decently stage your home.

However, if you have a higher budget, seriously consider replacing old floors with fresh-looking hardwood. This investment can significantly boost the final price tag.

3. Update the kitchen

Buyers always appreciate a fresh new look. As a key feature of a house, buyers will try to see if the kitchen’s overall design and feel give them a good reason to make the purchase.

However, home and real estate experts discourage spending big on an extensive kitchen renovation. Unless you’re selling a luxury home, you’ll have a hard time pitching an overly upgraded kitchen.

Instead, small and strategic improvements will more than suffice. Invest in a new paint job, additional cabinets and countertops, and maybe some new appliances.

These low-cost upgrades all add up in the long run and can help you convince a buyer that your home is worth a specific price.

4. Revive an ill-maintained lawn

Don’t neglect to boost curb appeal. An ugly lawn can scare away potential buyers even before they even set foot inside the house.

If you’re not up to the task of plucking weeds, mowing the grass, and trimming all sorts of shrubbery, you can always hire professional lawn services. It’s considerably cheaper than a turned down sale. A few hundred dollars can be recovered easily with an additional few thousand dollars from a successful sale.

Additionally, when buyers are mulling over their options, you want them to see a beautifully manicured lawn as they look back at your house.

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