Six Starting Tools for Scale Modelling


Scale modelling is a hobby for some, but a profession for others. With its many applications in various industries such as architecture, arts, sales and engineering, the demand for craftsmen who have the ability to build and construct scale models have increased over the years.

Many young individuals, therefore, have taken an interest in it. And if you are one of these people, you might be wondering what it takes to create a scale model.

Well, you need more than just a few knick-knacks and expanding wood glue to create a model. To start, here are some of the tools you need.

Cutting Tools

Naturally, creating a scale model will need you to snip through plastic and all sorts of materials. This is why a reliable cutting tool will come in handy. Most scale model builders make use of side cutters. Better than the traditional scissors, side cutters can cut through different types of materials, which you will need to scale and build a model.

Other cutting tools that will come in handy are x-acto knives and scalpels. These are beneficial in cutting up parts especially if you have to work on fine details. Just keep in mind that you have to sharpen these tools to keep them functional. Furthermore, working with dull blades can be a lot more difficult and dangerous.

Cutting Mat

Since it is a given that you will have to work with cutting tools and sharp blades, it is ideal to have a cutting mat available for it. Cutting mats protect surfaces. This reduces damage on your working desk or craft table when working with sharp materials. In addition, purchasing a cutting mat is rather inexpensive compared to having your entire work desk replaced or repaired.


Since you will have to work on tiny details in order to build a scale model, you will need tweezers. This nifty tool will help you pick up small parts and conveniently place them in position. As a bonus, it does come in handy in clearing up small particles from your models, such as stray hair or litter. It is handy for everything you require that is simply too small to work on with your hands.


Some parts of your model will need the help of adhesive to stay put. However, keep in mind that different materials will need different types of adhesive. After all, you cannot expect plastic materials to stick together using just the regular type of glue you find in bookstores. In building and scaling models, you will need different kinds of adhesives, ranging from wood glue to synthetic glue.


Most models will need to be smoothened out. This will require a nifty abrasive such as sandpaper. However, ones that are found in hardware stores can be ineffective to some models. Nevertheless, you can find fitting sandpapers in hobby stores that can serve your model’s abrasion needs.

Craft Supplies

craft supplies

Your scale model will not be complete without the finishing touch of a brush and paint. Most parts of your model will need some colour, so it is best to prepare a craft kit for these instances.

Building a scale model is relatively easy as long as you have the right tools and equipment for it. In general, the tools listed above are the basic starting kit for interested builders. These are considerably easy to find, so why not try using them to create your first ever model?

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