Sustaining Your Business After Unexpected Family Setbacks


There are times in our lives when we’re going to get hit by a sudden burden. Family conflicts and complications can affect everything. Surviving family complications is difficult. Let alone some matters you cannot just put aside while dealing with the hardship. One of those matters is your business.

Unexpected family hiccups can lead to financial struggles. Apart from that, it’s going to be challenging if you’re managing a business. Maintaining the momentum is your very next step. Check your capability in handling your business amidst the hard times. You have to be in the right mindset to continue.   If all is set, you may want to look into everything that involves your business. Here are some common scenarios you might encounter in your lifetime. See how you can keep your business going with these tips.

Death in the Family

A person’s death is one of those harrowing circumstances your family could encounter. Not to mention the amount of money you’re most certainly going to lose when burying your loved one. This is just one of those difficulties your business should endure. The first thing to do is pause and let the healing process begin.

After dealing with your emotional state, you should look into your finances. If the person who died contributed to your income, say your spouse, their loss would significantly affect your financial state. This would, in turn, affect your business. Look into how much you are going to lose after the death of a significant family member.

Adjust your business expenses based on these losses. Restoring it should be gradual. You can look into other financial sources such as insurance payouts or inheritance. Social security may help you, too. You may qualify for spousal survivor benefits if you’re left with children under 18. Parts of these benefits can be used to support your business. This would help, especially when family income has been reduced due to a death in the family.


Legal battles are already costly. What more if someone who brings income to your family has been imprisoned? The struggle here is dealing with a person’s finances who is still capable but financially incapacitated. Review all the loans and debts the person left you. Check with their creditors if you’d be able to arrange a payment plan.

Banks can also give you options if you mention financial hardships. You can even specify incarceration as a cause of the financial struggle. In this way, creditors could help you with payment plans that best suit you. This doesn’t have to be fast. You can continue your business if it can still hold up despite the financial trouble.

On the other hand, you may need to save first before restarting your business. You will need it, especially when the incarcerated person primarily finances your business. Look for another source of income to start these savings. Getting another job is an option. Once you’ve saved enough, that’ll be the time to slowly open your business.

Legal Separation

legal separation

It’s going to be hard for anyone to undergo a separation while maintaining a business. A USA Today article mentions that divorce can cost up to $17,500. That’s an expensive amount that could potentially limit your income. Not to mention the amount of income reduction if your former spouse won’t share their salary anymore. This is why handling financial matters after a separation is essential.

After dealing with the emotional aspect of the ordeal, it’s time to examine your financial options. Make sure that whatever money you saved for your children is not compromised. Get a reliable child support lawyer as well. Doing so can secure your former spouse’s financial responsibility for the children.

Then you can work on your business’s budget. Review your income and see how much the divorce cost impacts it. If your business needs can’t be satisfied yet, you have to save up. Consider getting another job. A side hustle can also be another source for you. Use these savings to sustain your business the moment you restore operations.

Injury, Illness, and Hospitalization

Hospital bills can pile up, and it’s going to cause a substantial financial burden. In 2018, Business Insider cited research from Healthcare Cost and Utilization Project. It says that the average hospital stay in the US costs just over $10,700. It can be a little better if the person has health insurance.

We know that the amount of money lost due to enormous hospital bills cannot be recovered immediately. This is where loans can come into play; financial assistance can be used to maintain your business’s stability. That is why borrowing some for your business could be an obvious choice. Check loans offered by your bank if you’re qualified. See the best ones where you can save on interests fees. Use this loan wisely so that your business can recover as soon as possible.

These are some possible scenarios you might encounter in the future. On the other hand, these difficulties could be hard to deal with emotionally. The most important thing here is to give yourself time until you can get back up again. Your business can wait. It will need a dependable owner to keep it running.

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