The Bucket List: When Are You Going to Start Ticking These Items?


Putting your goals into writing is a great way to get motivated and actually follow through on them. This is why many people are making bucket lists.

A bucket list is, quite simply, a list of things you want to fulfill before kicking the bucket. You’ve likely thought of doing something out of character every now and then but never actually done it. The wildest experiences, most daring challenges, and deepest desires are what makes up people’s bucket lists.

If you don’t know where to start for your own list, here are common bucket list entries for inspiration.

Moving To A New Area

You might be surprised at how many people want to get away from it all—people from all walks of life dream of living in a different city, state, or even country.

Some people periodically go through homes for sale on the Daybreak but never make a move. If you’ve been checking listings for a seaside or mountainside home for ages, ask yourself what is stopping you from moving. After doing all that research, maybe it’s finally time to get that item ticked off.

Jumping Off An Airplane

sky diving

The thrill of doing something dangerous and unexpected is hard to deny. Why do you think so many people love roller coasters and other wild rides?

Jumping off an airborne plane is a common bucket list entry for this same reason. There’s also the fantasy of soaring the skies as our feathered friends do. Since wings that could do the trick has not been invented yet, this seems to be the next best option.

Meeting A Celebrity

A lot of us dream of having an encounter with a famous person, preferably someone we admire and idolize. Most people leave it all to chance, but others actively try to make that dream come true. This could be by going to concerts, writing letters, or reaching out to celebrity agents.

To some, taking a photo or shaking that person’s hand is enough. Others dream bigger and hope to have an actual conversation with their idol.

Busting Out A Long-hidden Talent

Performing with a rock band in front of a live audience, winning a singing contest, joining a dance class — the list goes on. Watching an amazing performance makes us wish that was us on stage and soaking up the applause.

Many people have talents that they had to put on hold in favor of the security of a stable job. It makes sense that reaching deep down and dusting off a hidden skill is a bucket list item for many people.

These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bucket list entries and unfulfilled wishes. There are tons more out there, with some as far-fetched as going to the moon.

A bucket list is a way to remind you that life is short. Use it to reevaluate your life from time to time and see how far you’ve come. The last thing you want to happen is to have regrets on your deathbed.

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