Three Widely Varied Mediums for Sculpting


What do you know about plaster? One thing that comes to mind is the adhesive strip that you put on your wound. But the other type of plaster is the one used in construction and sculpture. It is made out of a combination of lime and cement or dried gypsum. The latter is known for its white color. Plasterwork usually involves the use of plaster materials and tools such as shovels and trowels. This is physically demanding, as you sometimes have to carry a heavy load and do work on whole walls and floor areas.

For those who are on the creative side, they can make works of art by sculpting moldable materials. Like working with plaster, creating works of art using clay involves the use of a material that basically combines a dried substance with water. But if you think such materials are the only ones suitable for making masterpieces, here are others that would take more than your hands to create:


This is a popular canvas for carving statues, figurines, or signs. It can be handled fairly easily, with the use of tools such as chisels to shape your sculpture. The end product would be something that looks way different from your tree trunk. Barks are non-existent, and you will be left with an art piece that exposes the natural pattern of wood, smoothed out to perfection. It is durable with a weight that is manageable enough to carry. You can also coat it with varnish if you like to add sheen and bring out the wood’s features.


ice cubes

This, on the other hand, is known to many as a companion to a beverage, something to help maintain its cold temperature. But this is also used by some masters as their art medium. Chisels still rule the day here, but forget about using your bare hands, unless you would like to get frostbite. But do not be surprised to see chainsaws and other rotary tools being used by sculptors.

Ice is a more challenging material to work with due to its temperature and slippery surface, and tools with sharp, fast-moving edges tend to carve it easily. Although they may have a very limited lifespan, ice sculptures are stunning because they are transparent. You can shine colored lights onto them to highlight their curves and edges.

Scrap Metal

Recycling is a practice that everyone should learn. You may view a junk shop as a place of waste and garbage, but it could be a gold mine for others. Hunks of metal and steel can be repurposed into other things. They can be melted again so that they can be brought back as fresh raw material for nails, racks, and utensils. But there are those who would like to preserve the last form of an object.

There are sculptors who work with scraps. They collect these and make works of art out of them. Bent spoons and forks that are deemed useless by some can be made into metallic insects or the hands of a clock. Or you can have a robot made out of discarded parts from abandoned vehicles. Rather than take up space in a landfill or just scattered on the street, these items find new life as art pieces.

Your hands are your tools that can create many things. You can build a house with it or make something creative that will inspire people. Just look around you, there are many things that you can derive inspiration from. Get that sparked up, and let your hands work their magic.

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