Balancing Business & Elderly Parents: Tips for Entrepreneurs

  • Strategically schedule business and caregiving duties to manage responsibilities towards elderly parents and career growth.
  • Formulate a detailed care plan based on parents’ needs, and consider regular visits for their emotional well-being.
  • Explore home care options to ensure professional care for your parents while providing you peace of mind.
  • Outsource business tasks within budget boundaries, ensuring quality control and clear expectations for better business management.

Running a business, nurturing your career, and caring for elderly parents simultaneously can be overwhelming. Taking care of your aging parents may come with an immense responsibility that can impact your personal and professional goals. However, you don’t have to put your business or career on hold to care for them. Instead, with some strategic planning, you can effectively balance work and family commitments. This blog post will share some tips on how busy entrepreneurs can balance taking care of their elderly parents while growing their businesses.

Make a Schedule

One of the most crucial aspects of managing both your business and caring for elderly parents is to have a well-defined schedule. Create a schedule that includes both work and caregiving duties. Schedule time for your business activities and personal well-being activities like exercise, adequate sleep, and mental relaxation. On the other hand, here are tasks you can schedule in regards to your parents’ care:

Assess the Needs of Your Parents

Understanding the specific needs of your aging parents is critical. You may need to negotiate and coordinate various tasks such as grocery shopping, doctor appointments, medication management, and daily chores. Each of these elements can be different for each elderly individual based on their health and independent capabilities.

Create a Care Plan

Creating a comprehensive care plan is a practical step that will benefit both you and your elderly parents. This plan should be based on their assessed needs and should include details such as medication times, doctors’ appointments, and dietary requirements. It may also outline how to handle emergencies or unexpected situations. Having a well-thought-out care plan ensures your parents are well-cared for and allows you to manage your time effectively between business and caregiving duties.

Schedule Regular Visits With Your Parents

Regular visits with your parents are integral for ensuring their well-being and strengthening your emotional connection with them. These visits allow you to monitor their health, ensure their needs are met, and keep them engaged socially. Seeing you regularly can also be a great morale booster for your parents.

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Consider Home Care Options

Considering reliable home care options can be a game-changer in managing your dual responsibilities. This option not only ensures that your parents receive professional and personalized care, but it also offers you the peace of mind of knowing that they are in safe hands while you’re tending to your business.

Home care services can be tailored to your parents’ specific needs and can include anything from daily assistance with household chores and personal care to skilled nursing care. This solution allows you to effectively balance your time and energy between your duties as an entrepreneur and as a caregiver.

If possible, try to involve your parents in the decision-making process. This can ensure that you both agree on the best home care solution and that they feel comfortable with the arrangement.

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Outsource Business Tasks

When you are busy caring for your parents, it can be challenging to give your business the attention it deserves. One way to overcome this hurdle is to consider outsourcing some of the tasks of your business. Hire virtual assistants to handle administrative tasks, accountants to manage your finances, or marketing agencies to promote your business. By outsourcing, you can delegate tasks that demand your attention to experts, allowing you to focus on high-priority activities. Here are some factors to consider:


Before outsourcing any business task, you should consider your budget. Understand how much it will cost to outsource each task and if you can afford the expense. Some assignments may require a one-time fee, while others are billed on an ongoing basis. Knowing your budget limitations will help you decide which tasks to outsource and which ones to keep in-house.

Quality Control and Security

Make sure that the company or individual you hire is reliable and trustworthy. Check references, read reviews, and ask them for security measures they have in place to protect your data. You should also consider how outsourcing will impact the quality of your business’s output. Make sure you have procedures in place to ensure that the work is done according to your standards.

Manage Expectations

When you outsource tasks, it’s essential to have clear expectations and communication protocols with the service provider. Outline what needs to be done, when it should be completed by, and any other relevant instructions. Be sure to provide feedback on a regular basis so that there is a clear understanding of what progress has been made and any areas that need improvement.

Balancing your business and caring for your elderly parents is possible with proper planning, resources, and communication. It’s worth noting that the experience of caring for elderly parents is unique and requires a customized approach. By prioritizing your needs and applying the strategies mentioned above, you can strike a balance that ensures business growth and family commitments. Remember to take your time, create realistic expectations, and enjoy the journey. With persistence, patience, and proper care, you can achieve success on both fronts.

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