Types of Protectors for Pallet Racking Systems


You have different options for warehouse storage nowadays. Pallet racking, shelving, multi-tier racking, mobile shelving, and mezzanines flooring are the leading alternatives. Pallet racking is the most common among these.

It comprises plastic, wood or plastic pallets which can be arranged in different ways to suit various warehouse layouts. The weight limits, access to your products, available warehouse space, and desired stability are some of the aspects which determine your ideal pallet racking system.

Some of the standard pallet racking systems include double deep, shuttle, high-bay, drive-in, drive-through, and mobile racking. All these systems are however prone to damage from various elements which can be dangerous and costly for your business.

These can be caused by the forklifts and even the pulling and pushing of materials on the racks. The best choice to prevent the dents and damage on your pallet racks is the use of a protector. The following are some of your pallet protector options.

Freestanding or Floor-Mounted Protectors

These are the standard options for the protection of pallet racking systems. They are mounted on the floors in front of your rack’s upright columns. They are very efficient for the protection of your racks from the damage caused by a backing forklift or hitting by a lowered load when unloading or loading it.

Floor-mounted protectors and be 12–18’’ high and are placed on the lower leg and base plate of your pallet racking system. They are generally safety yellow.

Strap-On or Attached Snap Protectors

Shelving System With Boxes in Distribution Warehouse

These are connected to the face of your pallet system’s upright frames. They will not stop the hitting of your rack by forklifts and loads but instead attempt to absorb the force of the impact.

They are easier to install and will not damage your floors the same way floor-mounted protectors will. You can also adjust the height of a strap-on protector beyond the 18’’ height of a floor-mounted protector thus allowing the protection of high racks.

Snap-On Protectors

These are attached to the teardrop holes in your racks and snapped into place. They are designed to deflect the impact from various elements which might damage your racks.

You can easily install, replace and remove them and their heights can be adjusted with 2’’ increments. They are ideal for the protection of racks that are high up from the floor.

Clip-On Foam Protectors

These will clip to the ends of your pallet racking with the foam in their interior. They are designed for the absorption of different forms of impact on your racks. They are easy to clip onto your racks and are easily detachable. Moreover, you can use clip-on foam protectors on different levels of your pallet racks.

You might not think much of the types mentioned above of pallet rack protectors when designing your warehouse. They are however an OSHA requirement for safety in your warehouse other than for the protection of your pallet racks and their durability.

As such, they should be in the back of your mind even when shopping for your pallet racking. You, after all, would not want to contend with multiple lawsuits from injured workers and a breach of OSHA regulations after installing a pallet racking system in your warehouse.

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