What Is The Difference Between A Business Broker And An MandA Advisor


Have you been wondering how a business broker and an M&A advisor differ? In this video, Sundeep Gill helps viewers distinguish between the two. He starts by explaining the importance of knowing how a business broker differs from an M&A advisor.

Gill explains that each choice will depend on the company size or industry. So, before a business owner chooses any of the two, they need to be 100% sure it is the best choice for their business.

According to Gill, most business brokers prefer working with companies that are well established and generating a $5 million revenue or lower.

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On the other hand, The M&A Advisor would prefer working with businesses that are making $5 to $50 million. Typically, those are large corporations that are not only well established but have hired more people. Some of them might be listed companies as well.

Another notable distinction is that business brokers tend to know their niche very well. They will essentially have the know-how and experience to help the businesses they target. Similarly, M&A Advisors are well equipped with skills and knowledge of resolving any issues accustomed to large companies.

On the other side, M&A advisors are accustomed to a lot of complexities that come with the higher-end entities. They also have relationships with strategic buyers, private equity firms, family offices, and holding companies. Get a business brokerage service today!.

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