A Good Way to Settle Disputes without Coming to Court


Disputes they say are inevitable; not even the unimpeded advance of the coronavirus has changed all that. But in case you have done a Rip Van Winkle and have slept through the pandemic, know there’s a way for people to settle their differences without having to go to court. How would you like to do it in the comfort of your home? How advantageous would it be for all the parties involved? During these days when courts are closed as part of the response to the pandemic, it’s a no-brainer.

Welcome to the world of ODR or online dispute resolution, an online initiative supported by both America and Canada. This surely put the internet to good use. ODR is North America’s way of tweaking ADR or alternative dispute resolution, the frontrunner of online mediation in the world. Of course, you need to straighten things out if you want to make the most of ODR. And in the process, you get to settle things without having to make a personal appearance.

Going to Court without Having to 

ODR is the use of technology to settle disputes. Thus, as an initiative, it is an enhancement of ADR or alternative dispute resolution popular in Europe. The rationale is to resolve disputes outside the mechanisms of a judicial court. As you may be aware by now, things can go out of hand when disputes reach official court proceedings. The entire process will involve a variety of professionals, including experienced court reporters, the jury, and witnesses.

In these times when money is scant getting into a dispute would clearly be another headache. You don’t want to be wasting precious dollars when layoffs have become a normal occurrence in America. As thousands of small businesses have folded due to the virus advance, over 7 million people have lost their jobs. That has clearly affected almost everyone in America.

The good thing is ODR will reduce litigation costs. This is especially true when corporations are involved. That means a significant amount of capital won’t have to go down the drain. Even better, this is effective in settling person-to-person disputes.

When it comes to efficiency, online dispute resolution is as cost-efficient as you can get. Why? First and foremost, you don’t have to be physically present just to plead your case. You can bridge the geographical distance between you and the opposing party. So it won’t matter where you are, so long as you are connected to the internet, things could run smoothly.

An added advantage is greater availability. Such a set-up also allows people who are physically-challenged such as persons with disabilities and seniors to get to resolve issues from home, or wherever it is they feel most comfortable.

Having It Your Way


Of course, it pays to get the right professionals to start the ODR process for you. In this regard, you should proceed to get the services of an ARS or Alternative Resolution Services. This is the legal firm that gives you timely guidance in reaching an amicable resolution of the legal dispute you are into. In short, these are your professional support, lawyers giving you timely advice as to how to proceed while protecting your interests at the same time.

Why is getting a good company essential? That’s simply because in the legal world it’s easy for anyone not knowledgeable about the law and its processes to be confused, making mistakes along the way. In your pursuit of justice, you could be unintentionally risking yourself if you don’t take the soundest legal approach.

A competent company offers distinguished mediation services in judicial arbitration. The integrity of their battery of lawyers should attest to that. Furthermore, a long list of their satisfied clientele constitutes a telltale sign of their dedication to excellence. And that means keeping you out of harm’s way.

Gone are the days when you have to go into an office to fill out forms. Certainly, the Digital Age gives you that as a great plus at a time when the virus is still hammering America. Just recently, reports on how the virus is making a dangerous comeback hit the country already suffering from millions of cases.

That said, it’s an easy task for you. You can even check on the services offered by these legal firms. Usually, all you have to do is register, usually by leaving your email, and you should be on your way in no time. ;

When you want to settle disputes, doing it the conventional method could mean a lot of risks for you. It can easily destroy your schedule as you will have to appear in court, not to mention destroy your wallet. Online Dispute Resolution is a wonderful solution. It allows you to bridge the gap and even possibly repair broken relationships in the comfort of home. In the days of the coronavirus, it’s one timely reminder that the internet is truly a boon to humanity.

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