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Small towns and rural areas have a reputation for not being the most populated locations. This leads people to believe that they’re bad places to start a business. However, this is nothing but a misconception, as rural areas are actually areas bustling with life and activity. If you live in this type of area (or are planning to move to one) and would like to start a business to take advantage of the activity there, here are a few ideas for you.

Rural Wi-Fi Spot (or a Cafe)

Wi-Fi and internet can be a challenge in many rural areas, and securing a strong connection can be expensive. However, if you have enough cash to pool for a business connection, then there’s an idea waiting for you. You can establish either an internet cafe or a Wi-Fi hotspot where citizens can bring their devices. You can also go for a traditional coffee shop but provide a good internet connection to secure a consistent customer pool.

Local Tour Guide

Many rural areas have spots with a priceless, scenic view. However, they can be difficult to get to. If you live in such an area, why not consider being a local tour guide? You can even offer a wider range of services by adding special tours, such as a horse tour or a truck tour. Look for lifted trucks for sale, as they’re often sold for a relatively accessible price. Then, you can repurpose the truck by adding comfortable seats so that you can transport your clients around the area.

Rural Content Creator

Everyone’s curious what it must be like to live on a farm. You can use this to your advantage by giving people what they want and becoming a rural content creator. There are various media and platforms that encourage rural citizens to share their experiences (and tips and tricks to living a rural life), and the internet simply loves that. Through YouTube, TikTok, blog posts, and podcasts, people sharing about their rural experiences have become popular. Maybe your life is worth sharing, too.


In smaller towns, it’s more ideal to become a farmer and produce fresh vegetables for your community. This is a sustainable business that is easier to market because practically everyone knows everyone in your town. Join your local farmers’ market and get your start by purchasing some seeds. Of course, you need to know how to do farmwork and agriculture-related information, but these are all things you can learn as you go.

woman tutoring a student

Offer Tutoring Services

Tutoring is a service that is still highly relevant and needed despite us living in the digital age. There is nothing quite like having a tutor focus on children’s learning, both in person and online. In smaller towns, having access to in-person tutoring services is still appealing because of how tight-knit communities tend to be in such places. As a tutor, you can quickly gain a good reputation by word of mouth, making it a pretty promising type of business.

Mom-and-Pop Shop

Every town needs a good restaurant to go to. If you think you’re particularly talented in the culinary arts, why not start your own restaurant? Becoming a restaurateur might just be the business endeavor you’re looking for, and you’re also offering your local community an economic and convenient contribution. Of course, running a restaurant is hard work and requires solid capital. Nevertheless, this is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss.

Local Resource Shop

Your locale’s natural resource might just be the secret ingredient you’re looking for. No matter how tacky it may sound, opening up a shop dedicated to your town’s primary resources is an effective business model. It’s a great attraction for tourists and locals alike, and the materials you need for your products are readily available (and often affordable, too). Don’t fall into the stereotypical belief that local resource shops are kitsch. They’re cute, and they make a good profit as well.

Bed and Breakfast

As one of the most common forms of rural businesses, bed and breakfasts remain popular for a simple reason: large rural houses are often empty. Why not make use of otherwise unused space for something that generates you passive income? There’s a myriad of different websites that let you put up your property for a bed and breakfast. This makes setting up your own B&B business a lot more accessible. This accessibility essentially means there’s an audience already waiting for your establishment.

All of the examples mentioned here are but ideas that you can try. Ultimately, your success depends on how much work you put in. Regardless of whatever idea you’ve thought of, what’s important is the planning and hard work you pour into it.

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