What to Do When Running a Company Event

  • Company events have tangible benefits, such as increased collaboration and team communication, leading to a 20% increase in productivity.
  • Employee loyalty is higher in highly engaged employees, improving job satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Planning successful company events requires identifying the personnel involved and securing the necessary vendors for the event.
  • Small gifts or tokens of appreciation can show employees their efforts are appreciated and help build relationships within the organization.

Company events are special occasions for the company because they provide the perfect opportunity for employees to get together, celebrate successes, and build relationships with their colleagues. Not only does this lead to improved morale and a stronger sense of unity in an organization, but it also has tangible benefits. Studies have shown that when employees feel connected to their colleagues, they are more productive and engaged. Productivity increases by as much as 20% due to increased collaboration and team communication.

Additionally, having a strong sense of camaraderie among colleagues leads to greater employee loyalty. A study conducted by Workplace Trends found that 63% of highly engaged employees reported feeling “loyal” or “very loyal” to their employer, while only 12% of disengaged employees reported the same sentiment. This type of loyalty often results in excellent retention rates within a company and improved job satisfaction overall.

However, it can be challenging run successful company events. Since it does not happen often, you might not have much experience in event planning or managing large groups. Planning and ensuring all the necessary details are taken care of before the event begins is essential. Here are some critical tips for running successful company events:

Identify the Personnel Involvedteam

Before starting any planning process, it is essential to identify all the people who need to be involved. This includes employees from divisions like human resources, marketing, operations, and IT. The professionals from those business areas can help you identify the best way to plan and manage the event.

The human resources division will likely take the lead on the project. Engagement activities are part of their responsibilities, which can help you decide which activities will work best for your team. The marketing division can help you plan to advertise the event and ensure your message is clear to all employees. The operations team can handle logistics, such as venues, catering services, and transportation. Finally, the IT division will be in charge of setting up any necessary technology for presentations or streaming of the event.

Of course, you might need more than just in-house employees to pull off the event. Depending on the scale of your event, you may have to hire external professionals like event planners and corporate party photographers.

Secure the Vendors You Need

Events are a great way to build colleague relationships, boost morale, and increase productivity. You must secure the right vendors to ensure that your company event goes off without a hitch. Here are five of the most common services necessary for any successful company event:

Catering Servicesdrinks

One of the most important aspects of any event is providing quality food to attendees. Hiring reputable catering services that can accommodate all dietary restrictions is essential. Depending on the size of your event, you may need multiple catering companies to ensure adequate food for everyone. Additionally, if alcohol is served, you might have to consider hiring additional staff like bartenders or waitstaff.

Entertainment Services

Providing entertainment is always a good idea for events more significant than 20 people. This could be anything from or live bands playing music to magicians or comedians performing stand-up comedy routines. Different entertainment services will be available for hire, depending on your budget and the event you are hosting.

Decorations and Supplies

Another crucial aspect of running successful company events is ensuring that all decorations and supplies are prepared beforehand. This could include tables, chairs, centerpieces, lighting fixtures, and other small details that can help create an incredible atmosphere at the venue. To make the event feel sophisticated, you can get vendors specializing in linen rental. They can provide linens and other items that make the event more luxurious.

Transportation Services

Depending on where your event takes place and how many people will attend, arranging transportation for staff members and guests may be necessary. This could involve contracting private car services such as Uber or Lyft and buses or shuttles if a large group is attending from out-of-town locations. If it’s an overnight trip, finding hotels nearby may also require assistance from outside vendors.

Hype Up the Employees

Now that the event is planned, it’s time to promote it! Encourage employees to spread the word about the event and establish a hashtag for social media posts to help build excitement. You can also create posters or banners around the office and send emails with additional details like what activities will be provided, who will speak, and any entertainment services you have hired.

Another way to make the event memorable is to provide small gifts or tokens of appreciation for those attending. It could be anything from a free t-shirt with the company logo to laptop stickers, mugs, or keychains. Those small gestures will show employees that their efforts are appreciated and help build relationships within the organization even further.

Final Thoughts

Running successful company events is a challenging but rewarding task. From securing vendors to promoting the event, there are many different aspects to consider before it begins. With these tips, you can ensure your next company event goes off without a hitch and achieves all its goals. Successful company events unite people, create better colleague relationships, and maintain organizational morale.

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