Here’s How to Maintain the Value of Your Property


For most people, their homes are their biggest investment they’ll make, which is why it makes sense to add on to it to keep its value. Here are some tips to make sure your home maintains its market value, bearing in mind the changing situation of the real estate market.

Freshen Up with Painting

If you have a mortgage loan in Utah, a good way to make sure the value of your home doesn’t go below the money you owe on the house is by freshening up the paint. This is perhaps the cheapest possible way you can maintain the home’s value as the paint makes your house look brand new in an instant. Repainting can be done every few years or so, both inside and outside. Repainting also gives you a brand new canvas for home décor, so even the interior of your home feels like it is brand new.

Add Some Energy Saving Features

Put in some solar panels and LED lights in your home to decrease your dependency on the city electricity supplier. Energy-saving devices are a big draw nowadays and according to a survey conducted by the US Department of Energy, home buyers are willing to spend $15,000 more for a home that has an average-sized solar panel installation. With the credits offered by the government balanced with the cost of the panels and the savings you’ll eventually get in the electricity – investing in solar panels should help recoup your initial expense in just a few years.

Keep the Pests Out

Damage caused by termites, ants, rats, and other pests can be exorbitant and hard to fix. In most cases, you’ll just have to replace the damaged item instead of going through a repair. Usually, it’s easier to prevent pests from getting into your home as opposed to fixing the damage already done. Hence, take the time to have your home checked for termites and termite damage every few years or so. Hiring the services of professional exterminators will also make sure your home remains safe, sterile, and high in value.

Boost the Curb Appeal

a house with good curb appeal

The curb appeal is basically the first impression people get when they see your home. When getting your home remortgaged or if you intend to sell it, curb appeal is the first order of business because an attractive exterior instantly draws in the buyers and improves value. No need for anything elaborate – a clean yard with a structure front door will already be enough.

Update Your Utilities

An upgrade is not necessary – you don’t have to install every brand new tech-high feature introduced to homeowners. Instead, you’ll just have to make sure that the utilities such as light, plumbing, roof, and flooring are all updated and maintain their integrity. Remember – don’t customize your house too much. Customization makes it difficult to resell your home although it can help maintain home value.

The great thing about maintaining your home’s value is that it has the double benefit of keeping your home as comfortable as possible. Even if you have no intention of selling it, upgrading certain parts of your home means you’ll be able to utilize it better for day to day life.

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