Small or Big House: A Homebuying Guide for Newlywed Couples


Getting married is one of the most exciting moments in any person’s life. It is a milestone often filled with joy and happiness, not only to the couple but also to their families and friends. But planning to get married is paved with other major decisions.

One of the first decisions a newly married couple will ever make is where to live. This one needs a lot of thought process. The young couple needs to consider this as this is one of their first major decisions. Is it good to rent, or is it good to purchase?

Buying a home requires careful thinking, planning, and agreement between the new couple. Another factor that is worthy of discussion and careful thought is the size of the house.

Budget considerations are a major factor in choosing a home, too. Some would choose a small house, and it does promote financial freedom. Some with more budget would go for the large house. Both are preferences that include personal and financial reasons. But which one is the better choice?

Buying a house and owning a property could be very intimidating. So many young couples would choose to rent for many reasons. Some with the budget would buy their own property as it gives a sense of fulfillment and security. This article will aim to discuss both options. This may help newly married couples in their decision-making process.

The Benefits of Living in a Small House

1. Financial Freedom

By choosing to go small, you free up your budget of bigger expenses. Your young married life will have financial room. You only need a few things in the house. You can start saving for the future and avoid potential financial stress while still on the honeymoon stage.

2. Husband-wife Bonding

In a smaller space, you and your spouse can be closer to each other. By staying together inside a small space, you become physically closer to each other. It will encourage you to communicate. This can serve as an open door for you to better get to know each other. And without even trying, your relationship gets stronger.

3. The Outdoors as a Part of Your Home

By this, you can have a bigger house as you maximize the outdoors. You can set up a table for two outside, light up a candle, have a fancy dinner, and open a bottle of wine. You have an instant romantic dinner date under the stars in the sky. The possibilities are endless and fun.

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The Benefits of Living in a Large House

1. Wide Spaces

In a large house, you can have a space for yourself. Spaces where you can move around, relax, and have your much-needed “me time.” Maybe create a room for a home library. Here you can relax and read your favorite book. Then another room that can serve as a man cave for the husband.

2. Accommodates a Large Number of Guests

Having guests over brings fun and joy to your house. With good food and some drinks, it is always good to have a house filled with laughter. And if the boys want to play and the ladies want some “girl talk,” both can enjoy other spaces in a large house. There’s no need to worry about home cleaning the next day as there are professional spring cleaning services that can surely help you. You can have fun all you want.

Have fun playing poker games with friends. Play board games or card games in a good round of competition between boys versus the girls. Cheer your favorite team while you watch their games together. All these fun activities you can enjoy in a large house.

3. Accommodates a Large Family

If you can afford it, having a big family can be fun. Babies bring joy and love to a family. It is a priceless feeling when you can have those small ones join your family. So it is good to start early.

If you have a large house with many rooms, you can save rooms for future kids. You can slowly buy baby stuff one by one, not to do everything at once when you get pregnant. It will be a good bonding time between you and your spouse as you both build your baby’s room together.

This information is just the basics. Should you wish to know further, you need to hire a real estate agent. They can give you information and lead you to different open houses in your area. You can also check out websites and articles about homebuying. Remember to enjoy this journey and try to build memories together while searching for that dream home.

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