Maintenance Guide for Accommodations to Avoid Complaints


Hotels, resorts, and other types of accommodations do their best to provide their guests with a flawless experience. But we all know that delivering 100% is next to impossible, even for five-star hotels. Every accommodation has its fair share of little imperfections. Most guests are willing to overlook them, but others who obsess over every detail may not let you get away with it. Only an internet connection stands between your business and a one-star rating.

From bland food to broken heaters, accommodations face complaints and maintenance issues now and then. The latter, however, can result in bigger damage than minor complaints. Below are the common maintenance issues accommodations face and how to fix them for an enhanced guest experience:

1. Poor Curb Appeal

Whatever your accommodation is, its exteriors should impress guests immediately. Curb appeal isn’t just for residential properties. It’s as important for accommodations as it is for homes. Peeling paint, poorly maintained landscapes, and damaged driveways make the perfect recipe for a bad review.

Start improving your accommodation’s curb appeal by keeping the exterior walls clean. Over time, the exteriors tend to develop some staining due to rain and moisture. If these stains are not eliminated on time, they can cause mold to form. Invest in a power washer to take the stains off before it gets to that point. You can also use the same washer on the parking lot and other concrete areas.

If you need to repaint, ensure that the color is an appealing shade with a timeless appeal. This can make a significant difference in the place’s curb appeal, allowing you to skip costly renovations. A fresh coat of paint alone can enhance aesthetics and hide minor imperfections like wall cracks.

As for your landscape, stay consistent with its routine maintenance. See if you can add new blooms to it, especially during certain seasons. This summer, for instance, try to add some summer perennials. Then, make space for fall perennials next season.

Look at the pavements and the state of the driveway and walkways as well. Repair all cracks that may pose a safety hazard, and repaint faded markings.

2. Broken Lighting


Check the exterior and interior lighting. In addition, ensure that the bulbs are working and that the design of the light fixture itself is still appealing. Dated fixtures can make the entire property look dated as well, so change into contemporary light fixtures if you have to. While you’re at it, consider switching to solar power to save on energy costs.

3. Untidy Grounds and Pool Area

Since the pandemic has left many accommodations short staffed, you’re probably facing the same problem in your business. Still, don’t let the grounds and pool area maintenance get compromised. See to it that the garbage bins are emptied every night and that no discarded cigarettes or candy wrappers are littering the ground. As for the pool area, check if the lounges and other furniture are still in good shape. Replace anything that has sagged, torn, or has broken or uneven legs. To save money, you can trade in old furniture for new modern ones.

4. Water Damage

If water spills over the edges of your accommodation’s roof gutter, or you see water spraying from the seams and elbow joints of the gutter, call in gutter cleaning experts before the damage gets worse. Clogged roof gutters will render your downspouts useless because the water will flow along the siding and fascia instead. This will damage the paint of the exterior walls, ruining your accommodation’s curb appeal.

5. Broken Water Heaters

One of the most common guest complaints in accommodations is the lack of hot water. Unless your facility doesn’t really use a heater, then you can’t let even one room have a malfunctioning water heater. Guests are usually tired from their trips when they go to the hotel, so the last thing they need is an ice-cold bath. This issue can ruin their stay immediately and leave you with a one-star rating. So, before letting any guest check in, test all the water heaters first.

6. Damaged HVAC System


Like useless water heaters, a broken HVAC system can also ruin a guest’s stay. Stay on track with your HVAC’s maintenance, replacing dirty filters as frequently as needed, and keeping the ducts and vents clean at all times.

7. Worn-out Flooring

Almost all areas in accommodations are high-traffic, so its floors wear fast. To conceal the flaws, consider using carpet flooring or applying sealers on other floor types, like concrete or hardwood. Ensure that they’re always clean, but don’t leave slip hazards. Use warning signs before and after mopping the floor.

Now that the hospitality industry is starting to bounce back after last year’s closures, prepare your accommodation for a possible influx of bookings by following this maintenance guide. Most importantly, don’t forget to comply with the health protocols still.

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