Tips for Small Businesses: Make Your Office Look Bigger and Wider


How do you want your office to look like? Cozy, fun, home-like, plain professional, or a mix of any? Any way you want it to look, just like many small businesses, you’ll want to begin making your office look and feel bigger. This is because office space can impact your or your employees’ productivity, culture, efficiency, and even well-being.

Before the pandemic, the average office space required for every employee was between 75 and 150 square feet (ca. 14 m²). But nowadays, with social distancing, it has spanned wider, requiring an average of 196 square feet (ca. 18 m²) per employee, as reported by JLL.

So if you want to move to another place to accommodate this new need, make it a goal to make your workspace look and feel even larger. Here are some ways you can do that:

Take advantage of cloud storage

Instead of having stacks of files in paper forms, switch to cloud storage. This is the best first step you can take for your small business, particularly to ease the operation and secure your files despite moving, disasters, and many other factors that can damage or misplace them. Above all, you reduce the need for cabinets or storage units in your office.

Go wireless

If cables tend to eat up too much space in the office, then you’re better off converting to wireless appliances as much as possible. For example, a wireless mouse would be better to work with as you don’t have to mind its wires getting tangled with other items on the desk. Going wireless frees up space for other office items, giving off a less cramped feeling.

Paint the walls with lighter colors

The most effective way to create an illusion of a larger space is to paint your office with brighter colors, such as yellow, beige, light green, soft blue, or white. Darker colors tend to make any space much smaller. Bright walls reflect; hence, making the office feel more open and inviting.

spacious office

Have proper lighting

Allow natural sunlight to make your office look much larger, breathable, and attractive. However, opening up your windows, sliders, curtains, or blinds isn’t just your source for lighting. You can opt for artificial lighting, such as under-cabinet, floor, tube, pendant, and ceiling lights and lamps. Get at least two adequate lights, then add more later on.

Place mirrors on the right angle

Mirrors make all the difference as they give off an illusion of depth. Place them near a window so that they can reflect both natural and artificial light in the day or night, making it appear much bigger. You can also place mirrors on glass tabletops to create an effect of openness to your office.

Use the vertical space for storage

If you’re wondering where best to put your cabinets and storage units, use the vertical spaces as much as possible. You can even go up to the ceiling to accommodate more office items and documents. This way, you make your space more tidy, spacious, and clutter-free. Make sure that everything has its place.

Arrange your furniture wisely

Make the most out of your available space by choosing and arranging your furniture very carefully. Make sure every piece of furniture you choose is functional, comfortable, and not too big. Consider using multi-functional furniture, like cabinets that can be used as a standing desk or coffee table. If you should have larger items, be sure to put them against the wall. Any accessories or furniture shouldn’t block the view into your office.

Or go minimalist throughout

You’ll want your office to look aesthetic and welcoming as much as possible, but given your office size, you may want to avoid putting too many decorations not to make it look tighter than it is. You can still make your space look more alive even with just a handful of decors.

Be minimal with patterns

Just like decorations, you may be tempted to include crazy patterns to make your office more lively. But that doesn’t work in a tight space. The simpler the patterns are, the better.

Get smaller tables

When thinking of buying tables, most business owners tend to prefer big and sturdy ones. However, with a tight space, choosing smaller tables will do you a favor. If your work involves a laptop, go for tables that are just a width bigger than it. You might even want to use laptop tables that can be easily extended or modified.

Choose adjustable chairs

Make sure that your chairs can just fit easily under your table’s vacant space to add a roomy effect to your workspace. Select chairs that you can just easily adjust in height to synchronize with the table’s size in no time.

In the end, it’s your choice. Go ahead and spice up space and life in your office!

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